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NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis

What Qualitative Data Analysis Software Can and Can't Do

Starting out with Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Before Using NVivo (or any other QDA Software)

  • Consider the size of your project
  • Consider your research questions
  • Consider your methodology.
  • Consider the software's specifications
    • Talk with RDDS or your professors about what software makes sense for your needs

Preparing your data for using QDA

  • Be consistent in your formatting
    • Headings, Dates, Locations
  • Clearly label interviewers and respondents in your interview transcripts
  • Make sure your chose QDA software can handle the data formats you have
  • Consider names of your documents prior to import


Top Tips: Getting Started Using NVivo

Noelle Wyman Roth of Duke University answers common questions about working with NVivo to help you in your qualitative data research and analysis, particularly when working in a project team. In this video, she covers questions like: (1:12) Child node is a type of the parent node (1:59) Group similar ideas together (2:46) Node names should be unique (3:46) Code for broad concepts, not specific ideas (4:33) Don’t go too deep

NVivo Resources at the LIbraries

LinkedIn Learning @ Penn

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Direct link to NVivo Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly provides over 77,000 training videos related to new technologies and software. Faculty, students, and permanent staff can access LinkedIn Learning through pennkey access via LinkedIn Learning.

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