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NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis

Library Workshops

Upcoming NVivo Workshops

NVivo 1 Workshop - March 6, 2023 at 1pm; Register

About NVivo

NVivo is software that supports qualitative and mixed methods analysis of textual and audiovisual data sources. You can use it to:

  • Organize and code multiple data sources in one project file.
  • Assign attributes to data and compare them.
  • Interpret, query, and visualize data.

To learn more about NVivo email the Research Data & Digital Scholarship department.

Penn community members have access to NVivo through all Penn Libraries' public computing stations and the Libraries Virtual Lab. You must first register for access to Virtual Lab. Once you have received confirmation, you can access NVivo for Windows through the lab. DO NOT save any projects or documents on the virtual lab machine as the storage is temporary. Always save your project file at least every two hours.

For general information about Qualitative Data Software and Methods, please see our other research guide: 

Differences between Windows NVivo and Mac NVivo

There are substantial differences between the two versions of the software. The Windows version is the only option offered at Penn and it is substantially more robust than the windows option. See this page for a discussion about the differences between the Mac and Windows versions.

Head of Research Data Services

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Lynda Kellam

Head of Research Data Services

See schedule button for current dates and times. Appointments available in person and on zoom.

Subjects: Data & GIS