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Huntsman Program Senior Seminar: Finding Books

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InterLibrary Loan (ILL) & Document Delivery

If you are unable to find a book or article that you need through the Penn Libraries, you can use one of our InterLibrary Loan systems to search beyond the holdings in Franklin and try and locate it at another library: Click here for access to BorrowDirect+, EZBorrow, and InterLibrary Loan.

An essential bibliographic resource is WorldCat. It lists the holdings of over 40,000 libraries worldwide and is necessary for comprehensive searching or when a topic is very narrow.

As Wharton students, you are also eligible for our Document Delivery services. For more information on DocDel, click here.

Subject Headings & Keyword Searches

Subject Headings

Subject headings are categories--each standing for a particular event, concept, person, etc.--that allow you to do precise Franklin searches. A subject search for capitalism, for example, will bring you to a long list of subjects that start with capitalism. You can browse through this list to find the specific capitalism-related subject that is most relevant to you.

Keyword Searches

Keyword searches look for search terms anywhere in the record, i.e. the author, subject, title fields, etc. When you find a work of interest, check the full view of the record to see subject headings that can lead to further relevant works.

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