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LGBTQIA Resources Workshop: Figures in History

Introductory Guide to LGBTQIAA resources at Penn Libraries.

Figures in LGBTQIAA+ History

On this tab you can locate sources that gloss over important individuals LGBTQIAA History.

Here you will find information about queer identity, sexual orientations, and perspectives on LGBTQIAA people in the United States of America.

Queers in History

Here is a list of prominent queers in history who have advocated for political change regarding the LGBTQIA community that they live within. This section is organized by century.  The individuals are listed below each century in ascending order by year. Linked names or organizations lead to books in Penn Libraries catalog that discuss these individuals or organizations.

19th Century

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, Walt Whitman, Edward Carpenter, Oscar Wilde

20th Century

21st Century


Historical Resources for LGBTQIA Information

Periods in History

In this box you will be able to see important works that Penn Libraries has that catalog LGBTQIA History during various decades and centuries. See below for important works that catalog LGBTQQIA History.

Franklin Catalog - LGBTQIA Individuals

Here are a few books that highlight important people in the LGBTQIA community in the present and past of America, and other countries and cultures.

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