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LGBTQIA Resources Workshop: Journals/Magazines

Introductory Guide to LGBTQIAA resources at Penn Libraries.

Resources: Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, Zines

Here in each of the columns you will find a list of Gay, Lesbian, Trans, or other list of magazines, journals, zines, and/or newspapers that are prominent to the LGBTQIA movement in the United States of America. All of the resources listed are those that Penn Libraries subscribes.

Gay Resources

Here are a list of historically prominent Gay American Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, and Zines. Click each link for access to them through Penn Libraries. 

  • PGN
    • PGN or Philadelphia Gay News is Philadelphia's premier Gay Newspaper that was founded in 1976 by Mark Segal.   It reports on local LGBTQIA issues that affect the community in the greater Philadelphia area.  They still exist and publish today:
  • Gaytimes
  • The Advocate
    • The Advocate is a bi-monthly LGBT magazine that was founded in 1967. It is the oldest and most prominent LGBT organization in the United States. 
  • GLQ: A Journal of Gay & Lesbian Studies
    • Providing a much-needed forum for interdisciplinary discussion, GLQ publishes scholarship, criticism, and commentary in areas as diverse as law, science studies, religion, political science, and literary studies. Its aim is to offer queer perspectives on all issues touching on sex and sexuality. Founded in 1993, it is still being published by Duke University Press today. 


Lesbian Resources

Below are a list Lesbian journals, zines, & magazines in content.
Click on each journal for access to them through Penn Libraries.

  • Vice Versa
    • Vice Versa, the premier and first known U.S. lesbian periodical, was published from 1947 - 48. Despite is short run, it is an important notch on the Lesbian rights movement in the U.S.A and responsible for bringing lesbian rights and issues to the forefront during this conservative era. 
  • Lesbian Letters: a journal for, by and about lesbians
    • This quarterly journal has been published since 1992 and is a premier lesbian journal published by lesbians. It was unlike others of its time. 
  • Better Homes and Dykes 
    • Better Homes and Dykes was a newsletter published in Iowa City by the Lesbian Alliance between 1972 and 1982.  Issues featured editorials, satirical essays, and community information.  
  • Common Lives/Lesbian Lives
    • Common Lives/Lesbian Lives was a collectively produced lesbian quarterly, published our of Iowa City, Iowa, from 1981 - 1996. It brought together lesbians of different ethnicity, sizes, and ages. 
  • On Our Backs
    • On Our Backs is a quarterly women - run erotica magazine and the first to feature lesbian erotica for lesbians. It's publication began in 1984 and ran through 2006. 
  • Hot Wire: The Journal of Women's Music and Culture
    • This is a periodical about Women's Music and Culture. It was founded in 1984 and ran until September 1994. The entire journal is open access and available here:
  • Dykes, Disability, & Stuff 
    • This is a lesbian periodical that focuses on the disability community. It was founded in 1988 and ran through 2001. 
  • Anything that moves 
    • Anything that moves is a quarterly lesbian magazine thats publication spanned 10 years from 1991 through 2001. It was first published in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. 
  • Curve
    • Curve is a lesbian magazine first published out of San Francisco that began publishing in 1990. It is widely known as the nation's best-selling lesbian magazine that touches on controversial and cutting-edge topics in the community. It is still being published today. View the current issue here:

Transgender Resources

Below are a list of Transgender Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, and other items that Penn Libraries subscribes. Click on each for access to all. 

  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
    • The Archives of Sexual Behavior are the official bi-monthly periodical that the International Academy of Sex Research. The Publication began in 1971. 
  • FTM
    • FTM is a Female to Men Trans Magazine that shares information and stories about the community and encourages others to share their stories. It was founded in January of 2013 by Jason Robert Ballard and continues to be published today. For more information, visit their website:
  • Transgender Studies Quarterly 
    • Transgender Studies Quarterly is an Academic quarterly journal that publishes information written by scholars in the field of transgender studies. It spawned from Duke University Press in 2014 and is still published today. 
  • Frock Magazine 
    • Frock Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine. Publication of this magazine began in 2009 and continues through today. It contains articles related to cross-dressers, trans (m to f and f to m), Drag Kings & Queens, and otherwise identified individuals. 



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