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A Research Guide to Middle Eastern Studies: Newspapers and Serials

An introduction to resources both at Penn Libraries and freely available elsewhere online.

Iraqi Periodicals at Penn

A number of important Iraqi periodical publications are included in the Middle East Collection of the Library, including a number of important cultural and academic journals. Unless otherwise noted, all items are located in Van Pelt Library
Al-Adib al-Mu‘asir
Holdings: v.3:no.13 (Sept. 1975), v.4:no.16/18 (Mar./June 1976)-v.5:no.19/23 (Sept. 1976/May 77), v.6:no.27 (Jan.-Mar. 1978)
Location: LIBRA PJ7501.A35
Holdings: al-Juz' 2 (Kanun al-Thani 1989)-present
Location: PJ6001.D333
The Iraq Directory: A General and Commercial Directory of Iraq
Holdings: 1936
Location: 915.6 Ir13 v.1
Al-Katib al-‘Arabi
Holdings: yr.1 (1981)-yr.4 (1986)
Location: PJ7625.K37
Holdings: v.9: no.8-9 (1975: Aug-Sept.1975),v.9:no.11-12 (1975: Nov.-Dec.)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 K52
al-Kitab al-Sanawi li-Ahdath ‘Am (=Yearbook of events)
Holdings: 1987
Location: LIBRA DS326.K583
Lughat al-‘Arab
Holdings: v.1 (1911)-v.9 (1931)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 L8
Additional Option: v. 1 (1911/19112)
Majallat Adab al-Mustansirnyah
Holdings: v.29 (1997), v.31 (1998)-v.32 (1998)
Location: LIBRA AS589.J35 A25
Majallat al-Majma‘ al-‘Ilmi al-‘Iraqi, Hay'at al-Lughah al-Suryaniyah
Holdings: v.17-19
Location: PJ3001.M353
Majallat Kulliyat al-Adab (Baghdad)
Holdings: v.5 (1962), v.7 (1964)-v.9 (1966)
Location: LIBRA 378.567 B146J
Majallat Kulliyat al-Adab wa-al-‘Ulum (Baghdad)
Holdings: v.1 (1956)-v.3 (1958)
Location: LIBRA 378.567 B146J
Majallat Kulliyat al-Shari‘ah (Baghdad)
Holdings: v.1(1965)-v.4(1967/68)
Location: D199.3.A76
Majma‘ al-‘Ilmi al-‘Iraqi
Holdings: v.6 (1959)-v.16 (1968),v.18 (1969), v.28 (1977), v.30 (1979)-v.34 (1983),v.36 (1985)-v.41 (1990)
Location: LIBRA AS589.M3
Majmu‘ah al-Ihsa'iyah al-Sanawiyah al-‘Ammah [Statistical Abstract]
Holdings: 1944-1965, 1968-1970
Location: HA1950.I75 A3
Holdings: v.4, no.3 (1975)-v.7 (1978)
Location: DS36.8.M39
al-Naft wa-al-Tanmiyah
Holdings: v.1 (1976)-v.4 (1978/1979), v.9 (1984)-v.14 (1989)
Location: LIBRA HD9560.1.N24
Sumer (Baghdad: Directorate General of Antiquities)
Holdings: Van Pelt: v.1 (1945)-v.13 (1957); Center for Advanced Judaic Studies: v.14 (1958),v.25 (1967),v.27 (1971),v.29 (1973),v.32 (1976); Museum: v.1 (1945)-v.36 1980),v.38 (1982)-v.50:nos.1/2 (1999/2000)
Location: DS67.S76
Taqrir ‘an a‘mal Mudiriyat al-Rayy al-‘Ammah (Baghdad)
Holdings: 1946:Apr.1/1949: Mar.31
Location: LIBRA HD1741.I73.I75
Holdings: v.5 (1975)-v.7 (1977)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6T513
al-Turath al-Sha‘bi
Holdings: Van Pelt: v.6, no.5(1975 inc.), v.7(1976), v.8(1977 inc.), v.9, no.9(1978),1989-1990; High-Density Storage: v.6:no.5-12 (1975), v.7:no.1-4 (1976)-v.7:no.5-12 (1976), v.8:no.1-6 (1977)-v.8:no.10-12 (1977), v.9:no.1-3 (1978)-v.9:no.7-9 (1978)
Location: GR295.I7 T87

Ottoman Periodicals at Penn

Until 1928, the Turkish Language was written using the Arabic-based script and is known commonly as Ottoman Turkish. Penn Libraries are fortunate to have a number of serial titles from this era that are important for researchers of 18th and 19th century Turkish history and culture, as listed below:
Holdings: (1911-1916)
Location: Van Pelt Microfilms cont 753
Holdings: Adet 1-12 (1920)
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.A438
Salname-yi Vilayet-i Ankara [Ankara Vilâyetine Mahsus Salname]
Holdings: (1891)
Location: LIBRA. DS51.A6.A553
Holdings: v.1-2 (1908-1909)
Location: LIBRA. DR401.A85
Additional Option: no. 14-26 (1906-1907)
Holdings: Cilt 1 (1886/1888)
Location: LIBRA. AP95.T8 B475
Additional Option: Cilt 1, cuz 1-12 (1886-1888)
Darülfunun Edebiyat Fakultesi Mecmuası
Holdings: Cilt 1-6, Cilt 7 (1929)- Cilt 8 (1932)
Location: LIBRA AS348.I77 A25
Additional Options: v. 2, no. 3-5 (1922); v. 3, no. 1 (1923)
Holdings: Sayi 1 (1326 [1910-1911])- sayi 128 (1331 [1915-1916])
Location: LIBRA DR401.D6
Holdings: Adet 1-26; Mar. 18-Ağ. 23, 1325 [1909])
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.E773
Additional Options: Adet 1-26 (1909); no. 27-52 (ser. 2, 1-26, Sept. 1909-Feb. 1910)
Holdings: Sayi 1-17 (1927)
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.G853
Additional Option: vol. 1 (1302 [1885-1886)
Holdings: Année 1, no. 1-3 (Dec. 1909-Feb. 1910)
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.H253
Halk Bilgisi Mecmuası
Holdings: (1928)
Location: LIBRA. GR1.H35

Harb Mecmuası
Holdings: Y. 1-3, Sayi 1-27; Kasim 1331-Haz. 1334 [Nov. 1915-June 1918])
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.H273
Holdings: Cilt 1, Sayi 1 (Kanun-i Evvel 1926)- Cilt 6, Sayi 146 (1929)
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.H38
Hazine-i Evrak
Holdings: Numara 1-48 (Mayis 1, 1297 [May 1881-1882])
Location: LIBRA PL201.H3 B44314
Additional Option: no. 1-48 (1881-1882)
Hazine-i Fünûn
Holdings: no. 1-52 (1893-1894)
Location: Rare Books DR401.H384
Holdings: v.1,no.1-no.25 (1908- )
Location: Rare Books DR401.I85
Holdings: Adet 1 (Ağustos 1324 [i.e. Aug. 1908])- Adet 728 (Şubat 1330 [i.e. Feb. 1915]))
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.K373
Karagoz'ün Salnamesi
Holdings: 1st (1910)-3rd (1912)
Location: Rare Books DR401.K37
Kastamonu Vilayeti Salnamesi
Holdings: 16. defa (1310 [i.e. 1892])
Location: Rare Books DS51.K2 K37
Additional Option: 16 defa & 18 defa
Kavanin ve Nizamat ve Mukarrerat-i Maliye Mecmuası
Holdings: Cilt 3 [1913 or 1914]; Cilt 6 [1918-1919]
Location: LIBRA K11.A826
Holdings: 2 Sene, Numara 53/104 (1309/1311 [1892/1893])
Location: Rare Books Folio AP95.T8 M237
Holdings: Adet 1-68 (Zilkade 1338 [1920]-Ramazan 1344 [Mart 1926])
Location: LIBRA BP1.M28
Holdings: Yil 1-2, num. 1-72; 23. Mayıs, 1311-1313 [May 1895-1897])
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.M258
Holdings: 1. sene, nèusha 1-16 (Mar.-Oct. 1887)
Location: Rare Books DR401.M268
Additional Option: 1, no. 1-16 (1887)
Mecmua-i Âsar
Holdings: Yil 1 (1299/1300=1882/1883)
Location: LIBRA PL101.M435
Mecmua-i Muallim
Holdings: Yil 1-2, num. 1-58; (30 Evlûl, 1303 - 3 Teşrin, 1304 [Sept. 1887-Nov. 1888])
Location: Rare Books PL201.M43
Additional Option: no. 1-58 (1887-1888)
Mecmua-yı Ebüzziya
Holdings: no.1/24 (1297-1299)- no.140/159 (1330)
Location: LIBRA DR401.M43
Additional Options: no. 1-12, no. 13-24, no. 25-36, no. 37-48, no. 49-55, no. 56-59, no. 60-71, no. 72-83, no. 84-93, no. 94-105, no. 106-116, no. 117-128, no. 129-140, no. 141-159
Holdings: no.1-16 (1339-1340 [1923-1924]), no.17-28(1340-1341 [1924-1925])
Location: LIBRA DR401.M5
Millet = Narod
Holdings: (1906)
Location: Van Pelt Microfilm news 650
Millî Tetebbûlar Mecmuasi
Holdings: Cilt 1 no.1-no.5; sayi 1 (Mart 1331 [1916])
Location: Rare Books DR401.M57
Additional Option: 2 no. 1
Mirat-i Âlem
Holdings: sayi 1-24 (1882); sayi 1-12 (1884)
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.M578
Holdings: num. 1-25 (Mar.-Ag. 1307 [i.e. 1891])
Location: Rare Books DR401.M5784
Holdings: Cilt 1, no. 1-8 (1292 [1875]-1295 [1878])
Location: LIBRA AP95.T8 M843
Additional Option: no. 1-8
Holdings: no.1 (1324[1908]) - no.30(1327[1911])
Location: Rare Books DR401 .M8
Musavver Muhit = Mouhit
Holdings: num. 1-22 (Oct. 23, 1324 [i.e. 1908]-Mar. 26, 1325 [i.e. 1909])
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.M873
Musavver Nevsal-i Osmanî
Holdings: Defa 2 (1326 [1910])- Defa 4 (1328 [1912])
Location: LIBRA AY1187.M872
Additional Options: v. 1; v.2; v.4
Nevsal-i Osmanî
Holdings: Defa 1 (1325 [1909])
Location: LIBRA AY1187.M872
Osmanli Tarih ve Edebiyat Mecmuasi
Holdings: Sene 1, no.1-no.31 (Mart 1334 [1918])
Location: Rare Books DR401.O84
Resimli Gazete
Holdings: Adet 1.-104. (Mar. 14, 1307 [i.e. 1891]-Mar. 11, 1309 [i.e. 1893])
Location: Rare Books DR401.R374
Additional Options: v. 1; v.2-3; v.4-5
Salname-i Servet-i Fünûn
Holdings: (1326 [1910])
Location: LIBRA AP95.T8 S356
Additional Options: no. 1 (1908); no. 2 (1909); no. 4 (1911)
Sâlnâme-i Vilâyet-i Sûriye
Holdings: Defa 1 (1285=1868),Defa 4 (1289=1872) Defa 8 (1293=1876), Defa 12 (1297=1879), Defa 17 (1302=1885)
Location: Rare Books DS97.5.S964
Holdings: num. 1-100 (1. Mart 1325 - 10 Temmuz 1330 [ Mar. 1909-July 1914])
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.S342
Servet-i Fünûn
Holdings: v.1-v.48, v.57-v.64 (1308 [i.e. 1307])]
Location: Van Pelt Microfiche 34
Additional Options: v. 4; v. 5; v. 6; v. 7; v. 8; v.9; no. 394-413; no. 254-553
Şiir ve Tefekkür
Holdings: Adet 1-2 (Ağustos 20-27 1325 [i.e. 1909])
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.S457
Sirat-ı Mustakım
Holdings: Cilt 1-2, Adet 1-26 (Aug. 14, 1324 [1908]-Feb. 5, 1325 [1909])
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.S472
Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Salnamesi
Holdings: (1925/1926)
Location: Rare Books DR401.T876
Ulûm-i İktisadiye ve İçtimai-ye Mecmuası
Holdings: v.1-4 (15 Kanunev. 1324 [1907])
Location: Rare Books DR401.U48
Additional Options: 1906; 1907 pt.1; 1907 pt. 2; 1907 pt. 3; 1908 pt. 1; 1908 pt. 2
Holdings: Yil 1, Sayi 1-13, 17 (21 Evlûl 1303 -30. Nisan, 1304 [Sept. 1887-April 1888])
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.U572
Additional Options: v.1, no. 1-26
Urfa Hakkında Tabii, Coğrafı, İctimaı, İktisadi, Tarihi, Mulki Malumati Cami Salname
Holdings: (1927)
Location: LIBRA DS51.S265 U743
Volkan Gazetesi
Holdings: (1908-1909)
Location: LIBRA AP95.T8 V644
Yeni Fikir
Holdings: Sayi 1-34 (1925-28)
Location: LIBRA AP95.T8 Y465
Yeni Mecmua
Holdings: No. 1-52 (12 Temmuz [July] 1917 - 13 Temmuz [July] 1918)
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.Y355
Yeni Tasvir-i Efkâr
Holdings: Num. 1-90, 96-180 (Mayis 31-Teşrin S. 1325 [May-Nov. 1909])
Location: Rare Books Folio DR401.Y358
Ziraat Gazetesi
Holdings: Sene 3 (1300-1301 [1882-1884])
Location: LIBRA HD2056.7.A594

Pre-1919 Egyptian Newspapers and Serials

One of the highlights of the Middle East Collection at Penn Libraries includes a variety of newspapers and serials from Egypt prior to the 1919 Revolution. These include newspapers, literary journals, medical journals, publications of the then just-founded Egyptian Museum, publications of Christian and Muslim organizations, and other topics and areas of interest to the researcher of Egyptian society and culture from this period.
Anis al-jalis: majallah nisa’iyah ‘ilmiyah adabiyah fukahiyah
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (1898)-v.10 (1907)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6.A573
Additional Options: al-Sanah 2 (1899), al-Sanah 3 (1890), al-Sanah 4 (1901), al-Sanah 5 (1902)
Annales du Service des Antiquites de l’Egypte
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1-v.61, v.64, v.66
Location: Museum DT57.A24
Additional Options: v.1-19 (1900-1920)
‘Ayn shams
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (1900-1901)-v.4 (1903-1904)
Location: LIBRA DT57.A972
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1, no.1 (Mar. 1, 1897)-v.1, no.18 (Aug. 16, 1898) Location: AP95.A6 D582
Additional Option: v. 1 (1897-1898)
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (Aug. 1911)-v.9, no.5 (Nov. 1921)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 B39
Bibliotheque d’etude
Pre-1919 Holdings: t. 1-15, 17-39, 11, 16, 40-42, 45-56, 59-65, 67-78, 81-110, 113-122, 127 (1910- )
Location: Museum PJ25.B6; 913.32; Van Pelt Library (t. 11 only) PJ25.B6
Additional Options: Similar to Above
Bulletin [Societe archeologique d’Alexandrie]
Pre-1919 Holdings: no.1(1898)-no.20(1924)
Location: Museum DT73.A4 A2
Additional Options: n.1-5; n.6-8; n.9-15
Bulletin de l’Institut Egyptien
Pre-1919 Holdings: n.14 (1875/1878)- ser.5:t.12 (1918)
Location: LIBRA DT43.I61
Additional Options: Various issues from 1882-1918
Bulletin de l’Institut Francais d’Archeologie Orientale
Pre-1919 Holdings: t.1 (1901)-t.103
Location: Museum DT57.F81
Additional Options: t.1-24 (1901-1924)
Courier de l’Egypte (1798-1801)
Pre-1919 Holdings: (1798-1801)
Location: Van Pelt Microfilm 148
Additional Options: n.1-39, n.40-78, n.79-116
La Decade Egyptienne
Pre-1919 Holdings: (1799-1800)
Location: LIBRA DT103.D4
Additional Options: v.1, v.2, v.3
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (1898)-v.8 (1906)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 D58
Additional Options: v.1-8
L’Egypte Contemporaine
Pre-1919 Holdings: Annee 1 (1910)- Annee 23 (1932)
Location: Microfilm cont. 147
Additional Options: 1910-1924 & various years from 1924-1932
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (1892:Nov./1894:Mar.)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 F38
al-Fawayid al-Sihhiyah
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (Dec. 1891/Nov. 1892)-v.2, no.6 (June 1893)
Location: Van Pelt Library RA773.F38
al-Ghazalah: Jaridah Adabiyah Fukahiyah Siyasiyah
Pre-1919 Holdings: (v.1, no.1 (1896)-v.1, no.24 (1897)
Location: LIBRA AP115.G43
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1, no.1 (1894)-v.1, no.50 (1895)
Location: LIBRA BX130.H38
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (Feb. 1910:Feb.)-v.4 (Oct. 1913)
Location: LIBRA BP1.H52
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (June 1904 – June 1905)
Location: LIBRA R98.7.A6.H45
Pre-1919 Holdings: (v.1 (1892/1893)-v.13 (1904/1905), v.15 (1906)-v.19 (1910/11), v.20 (1911), v.23 (1914), v.29 (1920)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 H5
Additional Options: v.1-31 (1892-1923)
Himarat Munyati
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (1897)- v.6:no.1-4 (1908)
Location: LIBRA AP115.H56
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.10 (Oct. 1911), v.11, no.11 (Nov. 1913)
Location: LIBRA BP1.I58
al-Karmah: Majallah Diniyah Adabiyah Tarikhiyah
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (Sept 1904)-v.8, no.4 (Apr 1914), v.9 (1923)-v.12, no.7 (1926:July)
Location: LIBRA BX130.K37
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (1886)- v.9 (1896)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 L38
al-Majallah al-Misriyah
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1, no.1 (June, 1900)- v.3, no.18 (June, 1909)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 M256
Majallat Ra‘amsis
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (Feb. 1912)- v.16, no.3 (1929)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 M258
Majallat al-Sayyidat wa-al-Rijal
Pre-1919 holdings: v.8, no.1 (Nov 1926)- v.8, no.10 (Sept 1927)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 M2579
Majallat al-Shita’: Majallah Adabiyah ‘Ilmiyah Tarikhiyah Fukahiyah
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1, no.1-2, 3-4 (1906)
Location: LIBRA PJ7501.M35
Additional Option: Sanah 1, juz’ 4 (1906)
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (1315/16=1897)- v.20 (1335=1917), v.25 (1342=1924/25)- v.32 (1350/51=1931/32)
Location: Van Pelt Library BP1.M35
Additional Options: v.1-19 (1898/99-1916/17); 1899-140
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1, no.1 (Nov 1892)- v.1, no.24 (Nov 1893)
Location: Van Pelt Library PJ7541.M37
Makarim al-Akhlaq al-Islamiyah
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1, no.1 (Jan 1900)- v.1, no.24 (Nov 1900)
Location: LIBRA BP1.M325
Memoires Presents à l’Institut Egyptien
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.2-v.9 (1916)
Location: Museum 913.32 C127.2
Additional Options: v.3-7
Mémoires Publiés Par Les Membres de l’Institut Frangais d’Archiologie Orientale du Caire
Pre-1919 Holdings: (1903- )
Location: Museum 913.32 C128; LIBRA DT57.F8
Additional Options: Various issues from v.2-v.47 (1907-1921)
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (1903)- v.12/13 (1914/1915)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 M753
Additional Options: v.1-12 (1903-1914)
al-Muqattam (Weekly supplement to the daily newspaper al-Muqattam)
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1, no.1 (Feb 1889)-v.1, no.45 (Jan 1890)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 M78
al-Muqtataf (Beirut/Cairo)
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (1876)- v.90 (1937), v.95 (1939)- v.120 (1952)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 M8
Additional Options: Various issues from 1893-1922 and 1876-1894
Pre-1919 Holdings: (Mar/Nov 1886)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 N89
Procès-Verbaux des Séances, Rapports de la Deuxième Commission (Comité de conservation des monuments de l’art arabe)
Pre-1919 Holdings: fasc.1-5 (exercise 1882/1883)- fasc.14 (exercise 1897)
Location: Fine Arts NA1581.A3
Additional Options: v.1-29 (1882-192)
Proces-verbaux des seances, rapports de la Section technique (Comite de conservation des monuments de l'art arabe).
Pre-1919 Holdings: (fasc.15 (exercise 1898)-fasc.40 (exercise 1946/1953))
Location: Fine Arts NA1581.A3
Additional Options: v.18-29 (1901-1912)
al-Qutr al-Misri
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (1908)- v.4
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 Q87
Additional Option: Sana 1, adad 2/24 (May-Oct. 1908)
Rapport sur la Marche du Service du Musée
Pre-1919 Holdings: (1912)
Location: LIBRA 913.32.AL25
Rapport sur le Commerce Extérieur de l’Égypte
Pre-1919 Holdings: (1897, 1899-1917)
Location: Van Pelt Library HF263.A4
Rawdat al-Madaris al-Misriyah
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1, no.1/7 (1870)- v.8 (1877)
Location: LIBRA LA1645.R39; Van Pelt Library LA1645.R391
Additional Options: v.1-8 (1870-1877)
al-Samir al-Saghir
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1, no.1 (1897)- v.1, no.34 (1898)
Location: LIBRA AP215.A7 S26
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1, no.1 (Oct 1913)- v.2, no.10 (July 1915)
Location: LIBRA K23.H37
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (Feb 1886)- v.4 (Jan 1891)
Location: LIBRA R97.7.A7 S53
Additional Options: v.1-5 (1886-1892)
Pre-1919 Holdings: (1916-1919)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 S85
al-Tankit wa-al-Tabkit
Pre-1919 Holdings: n. 1 (June 6, 1881)- n. 19 (Oct. 23, 1881)
Location: Van Pelt PN5465.T36.N33 1994
Pre-1919 Holdings: al-Sanah 1, al-adad 1 (24 Aghustus Sanat 1892)- 42 (13 Yuniyu Sanat 1893)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 U86
Additional Options: v.1-2 (1892-1893)
Pre-1919 Holdings: v.1 (Mar 1910)- v.4, no.8 (Dec 1913)
Location: LIBRA AP95.A6 Z83
Additional Options: v.1-4 (1910-1914)

Iranian Periodicals at Penn

This list of late 19th-mid 20th c. Persian periodicals is currently a work in-progress.
Āryān. / آريا (Tehran)
Holdings: year 13 (1321 [1942])-year 14 (1322 [1943])
Location: LIBRA. DS251.S243
Iṭṭilāʻāt-i haftagī (Tehran)
Holdings: 1320 (1941/1942)-1336 (1957/1958), 1340 (1961/1962)
Location: LIBRA. AP95.P3 I88
Eṭṭelā'āt- mhnah (Tehran)
This periodical is currently in processing.
Eṭṭelāʻāt sālāneh (Tehran)
Holdings: from v.3 1961-62 until v.3 1961-62
Location: LIBRA. 79.55 ET79
Iṭṭilāʻāt-i Sāl. / اطلاعات سال
Holdings: 1967/1968
Location: LIBRA DS251.I87
Āmār-i āmūzish-i ʻālī-i Īrān (Tehran)
Holdings: 1348/1349 A.H. [1970]-1352/1353 A.H. [1973/1974]
Location: LIBRA L615.B3
Nawbahār. = نوبهار (Tehran, 1910-)
Holdings: v.13, no.2-21 (inc.) 1922 (Oct.)-1923 (Feb.)
Location: LIBRA. DS251.N38
Gulhā-yi rangārang. / گلهاى رنگرنگ (Tehran)
Holdings: Jild-i 3 (1312=1924), Sali 13, shumarah 1 (1324=1945)- Sali 14, shumarah 25 (1325=1947)
Location: LIBRA. AP95.P3 G84
Ṣūr-i Isrāfīl (Ṭehran)
Holdings: 1907-1909
Location: LIBRA. DS298.S874
Also on HathiTrust
Hunar va miʻmārī = Art and architecture (Tehran)
Holdings: no.15 (1972)- no.48 (July 1979:)
Location: LIBRA NA6.H852
Sālnēmeh [va] Ehsāʻi-yeh = Annuaire-statistique (Tehran)
Holdings: 1928/1929, 1930/1931, 1933/1934-1934/1935
Location: LIBRA. 379.55 Ir12
Āmār-i sāliyānah-i rūdkhānahʹhā-yi Īrān (Tehran)
Holdings: no.1 (1327-1328)-no.5 (1331-1332), no.7(1333-1334)-no.8 (1334-1335), v.2, no.9 (1335-1336)
Location: LIBRA 627 Ir12
Ravābiṭ-i khārijī-i Iran dar sāl-i... / روابط خارجي ايران در سال... (Tehran)
Holdings: 1352=1973
Location: LIBRA. DS316.8.I7
Tawfīq. / توفيق (Tehran)
Holdings: v.47, no.20 (Aug. 14 1968)- v.49, no.50 (Mar.3 1971)
Location: LIBRA AP95.P3 T38
Ḥabl al-maṭīn. / حبل المطين (Tehran)
Holdings: v.1 (1907:Apr.29)- v.2 (1908:Apr.18)
Location: LIBRA. DS251 .H335
Āmūzish va parvarish (Tehran)
Holdings: v.1 (1926)- v.12 (1943), v.14 (1945)- v.15 (1946), v.23 (1949)- v.26 (1954)
Location: LIBRA 891.55P Am95
Iʻtiṣām / اعتصام (Tehran)
Holdings: no.35 (1985)- no.45 (1986) inc.
Location: LIBRA BP1 .I847
Rāpurt (Tehran)
Holdings: 1925, Dec.22- 1926 June 22, 1926 Dec.23- 1927 June 22, 1928 Dec.23- 1929 Sept.
Location: LIBRA 336.55 Ir12
Sālnāmah-i Dānishkadah-i Adabīyāt. / سالنامه دانشکده ادبيات (Tabriz)
Holdings: 1947/1951
Location: LIBRA LG291.T2 A35
Majallah-ʼi Dānishkadah-ʼi Adabīyāt va ʻUlūm-i Insānī. / ‏‏مجلۀ دانشكدۀ ادبيات وعلوم انسانى، دانشگاۀ تهران (Tehran)
Holdings: v.1 (1953)- 9 (1962), v.5 (1957/58), v.10 (1962/63)- v.11 (1963/64), v.13:no.3 (1966:Mar)-v.13:no.4 (1966:Jun), v.14:no.2 (1966:Nov), v.14:no.5/6 (1967:Jun/Jul)-v.15 (1967/68), v.16:no.5/6 (1969:Jul), v.10 (1963)-v.17(1969/70), v.19(1972/72)
Locations: LIBRA. DS41 .T4 See availability details. Library at the Katz Center - Periodicals B2. DS41 .T4 See availability details. Van Pelt Library. DS41.T4
Nashrīyah-ʼi Anjuman-i Farhang-i Īrān-i Bāstān. / نشريۀ انجمن فرهنگ ايران باستان (Tehran)
Holdings: v.6, no.1 (May 1968)- v.6, no.2 (Sept 1968), no. 15 (1974 [1353])- no. 19 (1977 [1356]); v.6, no.1 (May 1968)- v.6, no.2 (Sept 1968), no. 15 (1974 [1353])- no. 19 (1977 [1356])
Locations: LIBRA. DS261.N274; Van Pelt Library. DS261.N274
Majallah-‘i Rāh-i Āhan (Tehran)
Holdings: v.2 (1334/35)- v.4 (1336/37)
Location: Van Pelt Library Stacks TF4.R36
Musāvāt (Tehran)
Holdings: Year 1, no. 1 (1325 [Oct. 13 1907])- year 1, no. 25 (1326 [May 31, 1908]) (Yr 1, no. 1-25 1325 [O 13 1907]-1326 [My 31 1908])
Location: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts Rare Book Collection Folio DS251.M873
Also available on HathiTrust
Sālnāmah-i Vizārat-i Umūr-i Khārijah
Holdings: 1341-1342
Location: LIBRA. 327.55 Ir12

Current News and Periodicals through Penn

Directory of Free Arabic Journals
Nexis Uni
In addition to major Western-language news resources, Nexis Uniprovides full-text access to news sources in Arabic and Turkish. Includes print and online journals, television and radio broadcasts, newswires and blogs; local, regional, national and international newspapers. Bonus: Full-text searchable in Arabic script.
Tip: Use Advanced Search Function for "News" then limit search by "Language"
See here for Penn's handlist to all Middle East and North African titles featured on this database. 
" is a Lebanese registered, Internet-based news service established in 2005 that employs a team of translators around the region to gather important stories from and about the Middle East. As it currently stands, we cover news from all 22 Arab countries, Iran, and the Arab media Diaspora generally. Thus our reach extends across the North Africa region as well as to the UK and other countries that host Pan-Arab media."
NewsBank, Access World News
This is a comprehensive news collection for the exploration of issues and events at the local, regional, national, and international level. Its diverse source types include print and online-only newspapers, blogs, newswires, journals, broadcast transcripts and videos. Use it to explore a specific event or to compare a wide variety of viewpoints on topics such as politics, business, health, sports, cultural activities and people. Content is easily searched and sorted through an intuitive, map-based interface.
See here for Penn's handlist to all Middle East and North African Newspapers featured on this database.
This resource covers to date nearly 6000 newspapers and magazines from all over the world. There are publications from over a hundred countries and in more than 60 languages. Among the newspapers, there are international top titles, other broadsheets and tabloids, as well as national and local newspapers.
World News Connection
This resource contains many news sources dating from 1995-2013. Material derives from non-U.S. open-source political speeches, television programs, radio broadcasts, newspaper articles, periodicals, and books. Content focuses primarily on military, political, environmental, scientific, technical, and socioeconomic issues and events.
"A powerful online subscription service bringing news from around the world, translated into English, typically within 24-72 hours from the time of the original publication or broadcast."

Historical Periodicals Online

Alphabetical List of Open Access Historical Newspapers and Other Periodicals in Middle East & Islamic Studies 
From the AMIR blog, "a list of Open Access historical newspapers and other periodicals in Middle Eastern Studies. 
Most titles on the list have been digitized by independent projects across the globe and may not have been fully cataloged."
AMEEL (Arabic and Middle Eastern Electronic Library) 
A digital collection from Yale University containing journals, abstracts from Encyclopedia of Islam III, Dictionaries, Manuscripts from the Beinecke and SOAS, Gazettes (Syrian and Palestinian) spanning 1919-1948. To use, click brown button on the right to "Search or Brows AMEEL."
 "AMEEL holds approximately 350,000 pages of full text, indexed and searchable in the language of the publication including Arabic and Western scripts. The full text in AMEEL has been extracted using Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) rather than re-keying all works."
Arabic Press Archive 
This is a catalog of holdings at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University For each county, lists of holdings can be downloaded in the form of downloadable .pdf files 
al-Arshif lil-Majallat al-Adabiyah wa-al-Thaqafah
Several Arabic periodicals from the 19th and early 20th centuries. 
FBIS Daily Reports 
Issued by the U.S. Government, this resource features translations of broadcast and print news as well as government statements from nations around the world. It is used by the CIA as a principal record of political and historical open-source intelligence. It covers the time period from 1941-1996. For more recent years see its continuation, World News Connection.
Iraqi National Library and Archives Periodicals and Newspaper
Al-Aqsa Mosque Library
This digitization project preserves the historical periodical collections (1900-1950) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Library, located in East Jerusalem. There are some rare periodicals in this collection, such as Majallat Rawdat al-Maʿarif (1922-34), the journal of one of the most important high schools in Mandate Palestine, al-Kulliyya al-ʿArabiyya (1928-36), the journal of the most important men’s education training college in Mandate Palestine, al-Huquq (1925-7), the only Arabic law journal to publish in Mandate Palestine, as well as a dozen others: al-ʿArab (1933-4), al-Jinan (1874); al-Mahabbah (1901), al-Hasna (1909); al-Zahra (1922-6), al-Fajr (1935), al-Jamiʿa al-Islamiyya(1932-5), al-Jamiʿa al-ʿArabiyya (1928-35), al-Sirat al-Mustaqim (1931-6), Sawt al-Shaʿb (1929-34); al-Awqat al-ʿArabiyya (1935); al-Liwaʾ(1936-7); Tasvir-i Efkar (1909); al-Muqtabas (1909-16); al-Qabas (1913-34); al-Difaʿ (1934-51); Filastin (1923-48); al-Aqdam (1934-6) and Mirʾat al-Sharq (1922-36). This is the single best digitized collection of historical Arabic periodicals on the web.
Nashriyah: digital Iranian history
Hakkı Tarık Us Collection 
A digital archive of Ottoman periodicals from the Hakkı Tarık Us Collection at the Beyazit State Library, Istanbul. All the digitized data are now available both at the Beyazit State Library and at TUFS Library in Tokyo. Some were already published online as a part of the C-DAT community of TUFS. Nota bene: all periodicals download as .djvu files. A converter will be required to read them.
Universität Bonn Periodicals in Ottoman, Persian, and Arabic
Fully digitized database of mainly 19th c. periodicals
Milli Kütüphane Başkanlığı Süreli Yayınlar Bilgi Sistemi
History of Serial Novels in Turkish Literature (1831-1928)
Over 200 journals and periodicals from the 19th to the early 20th centuries in Ottoman Turkish 
İSAM Kütuphanesi 
Ottoman-era periodicals in PDF form and is searchable in a basic form by author or article title. In advanced search, one can choose the journal, article title, author, volume, issue, or date of publication. 
Illustrated London News Archive, 1842-2003.
An archive of facsimile news reports, with original illustrations, from areas around the world, including the British Empire and beyond.
Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Center (Newspapers and Journals)
These collections contain historic newspapers and journals.
The collections in this group consist of two main categories. The first are digitizations of full newspapers created by immigrant communities for distribution throughout the diaspora. These tend to be in Arabic. The Khayrallah Center strives to centralize complete runs of these papers, and these collections represent selections from digitized papers that often span months, years, or decades. Others contain select articles from regional news sources relating to the Lebanese diaspora gathered by our staff in collaboration with other institutions. 
In addition to the titles available freely online, the Khayrallah Center holds digitized versions of newspapers, which have been restricted to researcher use only.

Microform Periodicals

These are primarily links to catalogs of periodicals and microfilms of them.
MEDOC Catalog of Microforms Projects in Ottoman, Persian and Arabic
A catalog from the University of Chicago documenting microfilmed periodicals in Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish. Penn affiliates can make ILL requests for any microfilmed newspapers or periodicals in the catalog.
Jaraid: a chronology of 19th-century periodicals in Arabic (1800-1900)
A chronology of periodicals published in Arabic or in Arabic and in another language (like the usual pair of Arabic and Ottoman Turkish) or in Arabic written in a different script (like Judeo-Arabic) during the period from 1800 to 1900. While admittedly incomplete, this resource makes an excellent introduction to this body of sources. 
"We chose to present the core data as a table containing information on titles, dates of first and last issue published, place(s) of publication, names of publishers and editors, language(s) of publication, and available collections. In addition, we provide various indexes of publishers and locations, as well as a bibliography of the most important secondary sources and available union catalogs. To search any part of the website, the browser's search function should be invoked (Ctrl-F for Windows, Cmd-F for Mac OSX). Please keep in mind that unicode symbols adhering to the IJMES transliteration must be used."
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