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Social Policy

An overview of databases and resources that provide governmental information and resources related to policy

Policy Briefs & Policy-Related Reports

There are two types of policy briefs: an advocacy brief (arguing for a course of action) and an objective brief (provides an informative overview on an issue). Policy briefs are created to provide brief evidence-based overviews and convincing information that urge the reader to make a decision on a particular issue. Use these links to locate policy briefs and policy-related reports. For a guide on how to write your own policy brief refer to this document link, Writing Effective Reports, offered by the Food and Agriculture Organization.

Public Sites for Seeking Policy-Related Reports & Publications

A Sampling of Think Tanks & Relevant Organizations

Be sure to read the think tank's mission and objectives; they may have certain biases or goals.

Think Tanks, Research Centers, and Impact

Use Policy Commons to find when major think tanks or research centers are mentioned in policy documents.

  1. Go to the Policy Commons Home page and click the Organization tab at the top of the page
  2. Enter the organization name in the Search box
  3. Select your organization from the result list to look at its profile page
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile page to see the Impact Data section, which is interactive.

A bar chart showing number of mentions by year for the Brookings Institution. On the right is a numerical breakdown of mentions by country, with the most mentions by the United States, followed by Canada, France, the UK, India, Germany, and Switzerland.


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