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Working with a BoardVitals Quiz

Start your Quiz

Once you create your quiz, questions will automatically display.  For Study Mode quizzes you will have the ability to Show Explanations for each question as you answer them.  For Timed Mode quizzes, you will be given the opportunity to Show Explanations after the Exam is completed and Graded.

Use the blue Next button to move through the questions.  When finished, press the Grade button.

Pause & Resume

For both “Timed” and “Study” Mode quizzes, you can pause and come back to the quiz later.  Just click the Pause button.  The next time you access your account, you should see your paused quizzes on your dashboard.  Click Continue to start again.

Quiz Report

Once you have completed an exam and selected Grade, you will see the quiz report giving you subject performance information.  You can review these reports at any time by going to your dashboard and clicking Review next to a completed quiz.

Performance Dashboard

The Performance dashboard allows you to view your progress as you study.  Statistics are based only on quizzes taken in Test Mode.  The data will help you monitor your performance and progress on your quizzes. It shows how many questions you have completed, how many questions are remaining, your accuracy, your median score, and your percentile rank compared to other BoardVitals users.

Your question bank score is determined not by your practice exam scores, but by your accuracy rate across each subject in your question bank. Your Performance page displays your score for each of the subjects in your question bank, and the Overall Performance displays an average of your subject scores. This method of analyzing scores by subject allows you to break down your strengths and weaknesses by content area so that you can study more efficiently and effectively.

Each question bank will appear as its own table in your Performance tab, with the subjects for which you have answered questions displaying as individual rows. If there is a subject you have not yet begun, the subject name will not appear in your Performance table, nor will questions from the subject be included in "OVERALL" calculations.

Start Over (reset your account)

Click your name in the upper-right hand corner of the screen and select “My Products”.  Find the question bank you would like to reset and click “Reset”.  All quizzes will be archived.

Important: 1) Quiz results will no longer be included in your performance report.  2) Questions you answered in archived quizzes will revert to unanswered.  3) You can always unarchive quizzes by clicking the Quiz pulldown menu and selecting “My Quizzes”.  Next select “View Archived Quizzes” and then Unarchive any quizzes you wish.