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Citations and Examples, Chicago Style

B = bibliography   F = footnote


Maddex, Diane., and Ellen R. Marsh. The Brown Book: A Directory of Preservation Information. Washington, D.C.: Preservation Press, 1983.

  • Lastname, Firstname, and Firstname Lastname of authors. Title of Book. Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication.

David Shields, How Literature Saved My Life(New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2013), 33.

  • Firstname Lastname of author, Title of Book (Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication), page#.

One author: Lastname, Firstname F Firstname, Lastname

Two or three authors: B Lastname, Firstname, Firstname Lastname, and Firstname Lastname. F Firstname Lastname, and Firstname Lastname, 

4-10 authors: B All names given, follow same pattern for two/three authors F Firstname Lastname et al., 

One volume in multiple books: Harley, J. B., and David Woodward, eds. The History of Cartography. Vol. 2, bk. 2, Cartography in the Traditional East and Southeast Asian Societies. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994.

Useful Chicago Manual sections: 14.100, 14.102, 14.103, 14.104, 14.161

Useful Chicago Manual sections on Volumes of books: 14.11714.11814.11914.12014.121


Chicago Manual on Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, Newspapers): 14.164 and 14.165

Journal Article

As defined in the Chicago Manual of Style Online: "journal is a scholarly or professional periodical available mainly by subscription (e.g., Library QuarterlyNew England Journal of Medicine)" (14.171)

Lock, Margaret Lock. “Comprehending the Body in the Era of the Epigenome.” Current Anthropology 56, no. 2 (April 2015): 151–77.

Margaret Lock, “Comprehending the Body in the Era of the Epigenome,” Current Anthropology 56, no. 2 (April 2015): 155,

Issues without volumes, only numbers: Place a comma after the journal title before the no. If print source, there will be no URL.

Useful Chicago Manual section: 14.171 and 14.175




Saulnier, Beth. "From Vine to Wine." Cornell Alumni Magazine (September/October 2008): 48.

Jill Lepore. “The Man Who Broke the Music Business.” New Yorker, April 27, 2015, 59.


B Hanemann, Henry William. “French as She Is Now Spoken.” Life, (August 26, 1926): 5. ProQuest.

F Karl Vick, “Cuba on the Cusp,” Time, March 26, 2015,

Useful Chicago Manual sections: 14.188 and 14.189



Associated Press. "Patriots-Steelers to Open N.F.L. Season." New York Times, April 22, 2015.

6. John Myers, “Invasive Faucet Snails Confirmed in Twin Ports Harbor,” Duluth (MN) News-Tribune, September 26, 2014, EBSCOhost.

You may need to add a city name, or even a state name, in parentheses and not italicized after the italicized newspaper, e.g., Oregonian (Portland, OR). Sometimes you can add the state abbreviation in italics after the city name in the newspaper title, e.g., Ottawa (IL) Daily Times (14.193).

Use Chicago Manual sections: 14.191, 14.192, 14.195, 14.199



Microsoft Corporation. “Apps for Office Sample Pack.” Office Dev Center. Updated October 20, 2015.

FormatOwner or sponsor of site. Title or description of page. Title or description of site, Publication/Revision date (if none, then provide access date), URL. 

F 3. “Balkan Romani,” Endangered Languages, Alliance for Linguistic Diversity, accessed April 6, 2016,

Useful Chicago Manual sections: 14.205 and 14.207


Trade Catalog

These will be like a periodical (see Magazine or Journal), except in the case of archived trade catalogs, such as those found on Avery Library Architectural Trade Catalogs.




National Register listing




Maps, digital and print

The Chicago Manual of Style suggests that maps be referred to in text rather than in notes or bibliographies, for example, by using a generic descriptive title: “a fifteenth-century reconstruction of Ptolemy’s world map (ca. AD 150)” or “the Tabula Hungariae, Lázár’s map of Hungary” (a formal title, italicized) (8.199).

US Geological Survey. California: Yosemite Quadrangle. 1909; repr., 1951. 30-minute series quadrangle, 1:125,000 scale. National Map, Historic Topographic Map Collection.

F Samuel de Champlain, cartographer, Carte geographique de la Nouvelle Franse, 1612, 43 × 76 cm, in The History of Cartography, vol. 3, Cartography in the European Renaissance (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007), fig. 51.3.

F Yu ji tu [Map of the tracks of Yu], AD 1136, Forest of Stone Steles Museum, Xi’an, China, stone rubbing, 1933?, 84 × 82 cm, Library of Congress,

F Satellite view of Chicago, Google Earth, accessed April 2, 2016, [url]. 

Useful Chicago Manual sections: 14.237


Meeting Minutes (if found in archive)

[Name of Committee/Board/Group] Meeting Minutes, Day Month Year, Collection title, Box #, folder #, Repository/archive name, City, State abbrev.


Unpublished Reports

Balderdash, Pat. “Presbyopia and Screen Size: A Relational Analysis.” Unpublished manuscript, last modified May 5, 2017. Microsoft Word file. 

Lane Redburn, “Touch-Sensitive Interiors: A Behavioral Analysis” (unpublished manuscript, May 5, 2017), LaTeX and GIF files.

Useful Chicago Manual sections: 14.216



Bellour, Raymond. “Alternation, Segmentation, Hypnosis: Interview with Raymond Bellour.” By Janet Bergstrom. Camera Obscura, nos. 3–4 (Summer 1979): 89–94.

McGeorge Bundy, interview by Robert MacNeil, MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, PBS, February 7, 1990.

F (online) Lydia Davis, “The Art of Fiction No. 227,” interview by Andrea Aguilar and Johanne Fronth-Nygren, Paris Review, no. 212 (Spring 2015): 172, EBSCOhost.


Benjamin Spock, interview by Milton J. E. Senn, November 20, 1974, interview 67A, transcript, Senn Oral History Collection, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD.

Useful Chicago Manual sections: 14.211 and 14.213


Archival material

F Senate Committee on the Judiciary, “Lobbying,” file 71A-F15, RG 46, National Archives.

F National Archives Branch Depository, Suitland, MD, Records of the National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement, RG 10.

Gilbert McMicken to Alexander Morris, 29 November 1881, Glasgow (Scotland), Document 1359, fol. 1r, Alexander Morris Papers, MG-12-84, Provincial Archives of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

Useful Chicago Manual sections: 14.292, 14.269

Useful Chicago Manual sections pertaining to manuscripts: 14.221, 14.222, 14.229



Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3305.08 (West 2003).

An Act Guaranteeing Governmental Independence, Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 520.020 (LexisNexis 1985) (passed Jan. 3, 1974).

Useful Chicago Manual sections: 14.288



Choi, Mihwa. “Contesting Imaginaires in Death Rituals during the Northern Song Dynasty.” PhD diss., University of Chicago, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 3300426).

Ilya Vedrashko, “Advertising in Computer Games” (master’s thesis, MIT, 2006), 59,

Useful Chicago Manual sections: 14.215


Preservation Plan