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Historic Preservation Research Base Camp: Overview

A quick starter guide for resources and collections related to the study of Historic Preservation.

What is Preservation?

Historic preservation covers a range of topics: cultural heritage, architecture (high style and vernacular), landscapes and monuments, legal issues, rehabilitation and reconstruction, tourism, and more.

For a greater understanding of the field of historic preservation, investigate these organizations and websites:


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Welcome to Historic Preservation Research Basecamp.

This guide will introduce you to a compilation of resources related to the study of historic preservation. 


National Historic Preservation Act

Antiquities Act

Navigating the National Trust

National Register of Historic Places Map - Search for unrestricted historic places on a map.
CRGIS - The main mission of the CRGIS Facility is to institutionalize the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technologies into the practice of historic preservation. As part of that effort, CRGIS undertakes projects designed to show how GIS and GPS technologies work in the preservation environment.