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Historic Preservation Research

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Patricia GuardiolaPatricia Guardiola 

Director, Fisher Fine Arts Library


Shannon Robinson

Shannon Robinson

Assistant Director, Fisher Fine Arts Library

Fisher Fine Arts Library

The Fisher Fine Arts Library holds approximately 200,000 materials including rare books, maps, prints, videos, microfilm and microfiche, all in support of Penn Design and the Department of the History of Art. In addition, the library subscribes to over 300 journals, online and in print.  

For help navigating the Fisher Fine Arts Library building, look at the floor plans.

detail of stained glass window


National Historic Preservation Act: Enacted in 1966; last amended in 2016. This link is to a PDF of the latest version.

What is Preservation?

Historic preservation covers a range of topics: cultural heritage, architecture (high style and vernacular), landscapes and monuments, legal issues, rehabilitation and reconstruction, tourism, and more.

For a greater understanding of the field of historic preservation, investigate these organizations and websites:

Navigating the National Trust

National Register of Historic Places Focus Database: Records from 1966-2012.

National Register of Historic Places Weekly Lists: Records 1966-present.

National Register of Historic Places Map: Search for unrestricted historic places on a map.

National Register of Historic Places, GIS Data: Download spatial data.

Publications of the National Register of Historic Places: White papers, bulletins, and more.

CRGIS: Cultural Resources Geographic Information Systems (CRGIS) undertakes projects designed to show how GIS and GPS technologies work in the preservation environment.