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Historic Preservation Research

Need research assistance? If you are getting started searching for information, wanting to organize and manage your research, or just can't find the full-text of a source, I'm here to help. 

Mia D'Avanza, Assistant Director, Fisher Fine Arts Library

Email me at Also check out our FAQs and services guide.

Navigating the National Trust

National Register of Historic Places Focus Database Find records from 1966-2012.

National Register of Historic Places Weekly Lists Fine records from 1966-present.

National Register of Historic Places Map Search for unrestricted historic places on a map.

National Register of Historic Places, GIS Data Download spatial data.

Publications of the National Register of Historic Places Read white papers, bulletins, and more.

CRGIS The Cultural Resources Geographic Information Systems (CRGIS) undertakes projects designed to show how GIS and GPS technologies work in the preservation environment.


National Historic Preservation Act Enacted in 1966; last amended in 2016. This link is to a PDF of the latest version.