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Copyright Resources to Support Publishing and Teaching

A guide for faculty, staff, and students at Penn about how to obtain, manage, and understand copyright issues for their work

Frequently Asked Questions for Copyright Issues

What does copyright law cover?

Can I use a copyrighted image in an article, book, or dissertation?

Can I use a copyrighted image as part of a lecture or in teaching?

How can I find materials that are “open access” or free to use without copyright restriction?

How can I learn more about making my own work “open access” so that others can use it?

Is plagiarism a form of copyright violation?

How should I cite materials to avoid plagiarism and to allow others to find my sources should an issue arise?

How do I make copyrighted material available to students for reserve reading?

How do I make a video available for students in the classroom?

I'm interested in teaching a MOOC, how would I start to consider copyright implications for my class?

What are Penn’s policies on student use of copyrighted materials?

What is fair use?

How do I obtain permission to use copyrighted material for teaching or research purposes?

What is an author's copyright addendum?

How do I retain my copyright?