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Copyright Resources to Support Publishing and Teaching

A guide for faculty, staff, and students at Penn about how to obtain, manage, and understand copyright issues for their work

What is plagiarism?

  • Plagiarism is a form of academic misconduct
  • Anytime someone relies on another source for an idea, that source must be attributed to the original author
  • If a source is copied without proper attribution, it is considered plagiarism
  • Online distribution of materials in itself is not necessarily plagiarism
  • Online distribution does not contribute to plagiarism
  • Rather, online distribution helps to prevent plagiarism by making it easier to detect when someone does not attribute ideas
  • By putting materials online (and searchable) plagiarism detection software can more easily detect theft

How can I check for plagarism in student work?

The Libraries provide faculty with access to the TurnItIn or iThenticate plagiarism prevention service through Canvas.  Explanations of how this tool works and how to utilize it can be found online within the Penn Canvas Information website.

Need help?

For further assistance with copyright issues, you can begin with your subject specialist.

For questions about use of materials on reserve, contact Van Pelt Reserves or the librarian at your reserve location.