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ESAP - Engineering Summer Academy at Penn: Journal Articles

This guide provide resources in support of the ESAP undergraduate research program.

Discipline Specific Databases

The resources listed here provide indexing to publications from broad disciplines such as engineering, medicine, chemistry and physics.  They employ controlled vocabularies, or subject headings, to organize the material. To learn about how to search using keywords, controlled vocabularies, and subject headings, check out this 6-minute video.

Major Engineering Content Collections

Here is a sample list of major content providers for Engineering that Penn Libraries subscribes to.  It is by no means a comprehensive list, but these do provide a significant amount of relevant material for NBIC projects.  Please see the Engineering Library website for access to additional collections.

Multidisciplinary and Citation Databases

These resources index literature from a broad range of disciplines but do not employ controlled vocabularies.  They do, however, track citations to and from publications that may be used to find relationships in the literature and as an indicator of a publication's relative importance in a field. To learn more about citation chasing, check out this 4-minute video.

Finding Full-Text

So, you've found an article in a database and now you want to read the full text. Look for the PennText link or button in the article's detailed record.

Click on PennText to open a page with options for obtaining the full-text (see below for a screen capture).

  1. If it is available online, there will be a link you can follow to the journal.
  2. If it's not available online, follow the second link to check the Franklin Catalog to see if it is available in print.
  3. If it's not found in Franklin, use the third option to submit a request for the item through Interlibrary Loan.
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