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Laser cutting at the Bollinger Digital Fabrication Lab, Holman Biotech Commons

Laser Cutting Adobe Illustrator Formatting Guide

This guide walks through setting up your Illustrator design in the laser cutting template for submitting laser cutting requests. 

  1. Download our Template File

  1. Open your Adobe Illustrator design file 

  1. Create a new file using the template by selecting File > New from Template and selecting the laser cutting template file 
    Screenshot in Adobe Illustrator selecting File - New from Template
    Screenshot in Windows Explorer selecting the Epilog Fusion Pro Template.ait file

  2. Navigate to your design by clicking your design’s tab in Illustrator 

  3. Select Select > All (or Ctrl-A / Command-A)  
    Screenshot of selecting Select All in Adobe Illustrator

  4. Select Edit > Copy (or Ctrl-C / Command-C)  
    Screenshot of selecting Edit Copy in Adobe Illustrator

  5. Select the tab for the laser cutter template file 

  6. Select Edit > Paste (or Ctrl-V / Command-V)  
    Screenshot of selecting Edit Paste in Adobe Illustrator

  7. Select the Layers tab and drag and drop your cut and engraving objects into the respective folders  

  8. Select each vector line that you want cut individually and check that it has a stroke width of 0.001 pts  
    Screenshot of setting the stroke width in Adobe Illustrator

  9. Select each vector line that you want engraved individually and check that it has a stroke width greater than 0.001pts 

  10. Make sure that parts are least 5mm apart and away from the edge of the artboard 

  1. Select File > Save As  
    Screenshot of selecting File Save As in Adobe Illustrator

  2. Name your file and select Save on your computer. Select Save on your computer again if prompted.
    Screenshot of selecting Save on your computer in Adobe Illustrator  

  3. Select Adobe Illustrator (*AI) as the file type and Save your design  
    Screenshot of selecting .AI as the file type for saving in Adobe Illustrator

  4. Your file is now ready to be submitted! 

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