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Penn Vet History Resources: Overview - Veterinary History

Resources for Penn Vet History Committee

Benjamin Rush's Talk on One Health

Dr. Benjamin Rush's talk "On the Duty and Advantages of Studying the Diseases of Domestic Animals" laid the cornerstone for the establishment of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the concept of One Health. 

Dr. Benjamin Rush pictured at his desk

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Dr. Leonard Pearson on Veterinary Education

Dr. Leonard Pearson (1868-1909) graduated from the Veterinary College of the University of Pennsylvania in 1890 and was the Dean from 1897-1909.  A tribute: In Memoriam: Leonard Pearson was published on his early death. 

Dr. Pearson was an avid advocate of the profession and was involved in many associations and societies dedicated to developing veterinary science. He prepared two documents addressing the need for and the requirements of a veterinary education.

Black and white photograph portrait of Dr. Leonard Pearson in suit

An appeal to the citizens of Pennsylvania for the foundation of a veterinary department in the University of Pennsylvania

Veterinary History Books (online)

Veterinary History Books (in print at Penn Libraries)

Timeline - Veterinary History

Fairman Rogers Collection

Fairman Rogers horse skeleton drawing

The 1,054 rare volumes of the Fairman Rogers Collection, many of which have been digitized, serve as a foundation for scholarly study of the role of the horse in the technical, scientific, and social evolution of 19th-century European and North American history.

Veterinary Directories

On preserving veterinary history

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