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Properties for Pseudopotentials: Finding Magnetic Data in Knovel

This guide teaches researchers how to locate some basic physical properties of elements and oxides, specifically required for generating and testing pseudopotentials.

Searching for Magnetic Data Using Knovel


Knovel is a collection of over 1000 electronic reference works and monographs in many areas of science and engineering.  It includes the following magentic properties: coercivity, core loss, frequency, magnetostriction constant, magnetic flux density, magnetic force, and Schmidt number.  Visit to access Knovel

How Do I Use It?

  1. From the home page, perform a Data Search.
  2. Enter an identifier for the substance you wish to locate in the first text box, following the instructions in the General Information tab.
  3. Click on the green + sign to add a row to the search interface.
  4. Click in the field text box of the new row and either scroll to the property that you wish to include or begin typing its name in the box.
  5. Change the operator to "exists."

Searching for Magnetic Proeprties in Knovel

You will retrieve all books that include the property you specified for your desired substance.  To view the information in each book, simply click on the "text" or "table" link beneath each title.

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