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Scan, Print, Copy: - from a Windows computer

Printing - Windows installer


Follow these steps to print to Library printers:

  1. Download the printing software for the type of computer you are using.
    • If you use a Windows computer it may be either a 32 bit or 64 bit version. You need to download the appropriate software for your version.
    • To determine your operating system type, follow the instructions below "How to determine your operating system type":
  2. Install the printing software

Please note: At this time, not all types of printing are supported in every Library.

Click on a link to download the printer installer that meets your needs:

  Black & White Installer Color Installer Duplex Installer  Color Duplex Installer 
Windows 32 Bit Windows 32 bit Black & White Windows 32 bit Color Windows 32 bit Black & White Duplex Windows 32 bit Color Duplex
Windows 64 Bit Windows 64 bit Black & White Windows 64 bit Color Windows 64 bit Black & White Duplex Windows 64 bit Color Duplex