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Y-Prize Competition Resources: Industry Information & Articles

A guide to support students researching potential uses of Penn Technology in the Y-Prize Competition.

Industry Research

For the technologies in the 2020-2021 Y-Prize Competition, we suggest the following industry research databases:

Finding Cited Articles

You can access references listed on the Y-Prize Nanostructured Membranes page through Penn Libraries, after logging in with your PennKey and password: 

X. Feng, Q. Imran, Y. Zhang, L. Sixdenier, X. Lu, G. Kaufman, U. R. Gabinet, K. Kawabata, M. Elimelech, C. O. Osuji. Precise nanofiltration in a fouling-resistant self-assembled membrane with water-continuous transport pathways. Science Advances, 5 (8), eaav9308 (2019). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aav9308 (available here)
J. R. Werber, C. O. Osuji, M. Elimelech. Materials for next-generation desalination and water purification membranes. Nature Reviews Materials, 16018 (2016). (request through Interlibrary Loan)
Richard W. Baker. Membrane Technology and Applications, 2nd ed. John Wiley & Sons (2004). DOI: 10.1002/0470020393 (Penn Libraries has the eBook version of the 3rd edition- published in 2012- available here)


Journal Articles

Journal articles can help you delve deeper into your topic than books and encyclopedias.  Review articles will give you an overview of the state of a field over a period of time (pay attention to the publication date; they go out-of-date quickly).  Research articles tell you exactly how a scientist performed his or her experiments and interpreted the results.

These resources help you find journal articles in various fields related to your projects.