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Alumni Travel Reading Lists 2020: Panama Canal

Panama Culture and History

Four Centuries

Four Centuries of the Panama Canal  by Willis Fletcher Johnson,1857-1931.

Beginning with Colombus's voyage and ending with Yankee hegemony.  Johnson writes, "The Story is nearly four hundred centuries long and implicates, literally, mankind from China to Peru." You can read this online through, an openly accessible database with full text (read online) for those books published primarily before 1923.

For a more pictorial works, try Panama Canal Pictures : Showing the Latest Photographs of the Progress Construction on the Isthmian Canal : together with a brief introduction, some interesting figures, and a map of the Canal Zone.

Scroll through pages to read book below or go to Hathitrust by clicking on the either of the links above.

From Panama Canal Pictures, the canal in progress. Black and white photograph with the caption, "Now we are at the head of Gatun Locks, and looking back we see the series of massive gates through which the ships will pass."

Bibliographer and Penn Alumni Travel

Selected and Annotated By:

Joe Holub, Latin American Studies Librarian 

Rebecca Stuhr, Director, Liaison Services
Librarian for Classical Studies

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Updated and  Edited By:

Mia Capozzoli
Liaison Services


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Inside Harpy Eagle Nest

The Harpy Eagle is the National Bird of Panama, and it is also the largest, most powerful eagle in the Americas.  They are found in lowland rainforests of Tropical America.  

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