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Business Analytics Guide

Quick start

Try these versatile, widely-used software packages:


You can install several free applications--including Python, Jupyter, and RStudio--though the one-stop Anaconda utility.


Can't run the software on your machine?

You can run it online as if using a desktop PC. Register for the Penn Libraries Virtual Computer Lab, or look on the linked page under Other Penn vLabs for your school's alternative.

Need a computer?

You can use physical computer labs to run specialized software in person. Explore software available at Penn Libraries locations or your school's offerings.

Are your procedures running for weeks?

You can offload processing tasks to dedicated servers designed for the job.


Company identifier conversion

Look up a list of companies (or people) by name with the SPCIQ Identifier Converter.

  • Submit name (includes related and approximate matches), ticker*, CIQ-ID, ISIN*, or CUSIP (6, 8, or 9 digits)*
    * Companies lookup only
  • Return as many as five results per identifier for name, CIQ-ID, and more
    Edit results to return additional fields (e.g.: GVKEY; ISIN; CIK)


Download the template:

  1. Open Excel.S&P Capital IQ Excel ribbon menu and Get Templates interface
  2. From the menu ribbon, select S&P Capital IQ > (Data) Templates > Get/Update Templates.
  3. Expand and select SPCIQ Excel Plug-In Tools > SPCIQ Identifier Converter.xlsm.
  4. Download.

Run the converter:

  1. Select S&P Capital IQ > (Data) Templates > SPCIQ Excel Plug-In Tools > SPCIQ Identifier Converter to open the template.
  2. Enter one or more identifiers (one per row) under Search Item Input (column AH).
    Note: Start CUSIPs with ' to retain leading zeros.
  3. Search.

Adapt the converter to return other entity-level values:

  1. Run the converter as above.
  2. Unhide columns to the left of column AG.
  3. In the formulas (columns M through AF), replace each mention of a given IQ_... variable with your preferred CIQ variable (e.g.: IQ_GVKEY; IQ_ISIN; IQ_CIK).

Note: Do not Search again. The search button macro will reset your edited functions.

SPCIQ Identifier Converter showing a function in the process of conversion to a different identifier

Convert common company and/or security identifiers with WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services).

Explore the Linking Suite, search WRDS for converter or linking table, or start with highlights:

  • CUSIP: under Get Data > Compustat - Capital IQ > Tools > CUSIP Converter
    • Submit 8 or 9 digit CUSIP
    • Return 6, 8, or 9 digit CUSIP
  • CRSP/Compustat: under Get Data > CRSP > Annual Update > CRSP/Compustat Merged > Compustat CRSP Link; parallel tool under Quarterly Update; parallel tool under Monthly Update
    • Submit GVKEY, PERMNO, PERMCO, ticker, CUSIP, CIK, or industry classification
    • Return PERMNO, PERMCO, company name, ticker, CUSIP, CIK, and more
  • Exchange code: under Get Data > CRSP > Annual Update > Tools > Exchange Code Search; parallel tool under Quarterly Update
    • Submit stock exchange
    • Return PERMCO, CUSIP, ticker, company name, share code, and more
  • Historical Company Names of SEC Filers: under Get Data > SEC Analytics Suite by WRDS > SEC Linking Tables > Historical Company Names)
    • Submit ticker, CIK, GVKEY, or CUSIP
    • Return historical company name, ticker, GVKEY, CUSIP, and more
  • Court case (bankruptcy, civil, or criminal): under Get Data > Federal Judicial Center > WRDS Linking > FJC Compustat-CIK Link...
    • Submit docket number, case key (bankruptcy only), GVKEY, or CIK
    • Return docket number, case key (bankruptcy only), company name (civil only), GVKEY, or CIK, and more

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