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Bloomberg Help Guide: Extras



<GO> then choose 1 <GO> to create a new graph.

Follow instructions to set-up a graph.

Graphing Function



At any screen, use this command to send yourself a screenshot


For World Currency Rates enter: WCR <GO>

For the FX Information Portal enter: FXIP <GO>

For the most current bid and ask priced for a specific currency pair, enter: ALLQ <GO>

For Spot and Forward Rates enter: FRD <GO>



Search for job opportunities



  • Select your criteria then hit 1 <GO> to search
  • Search for executive biographies and contact information
  • Screen using criterion like school (e.g. Wharton), job title, etc.

Corporate Bonds

Search by Issuer:

Ticker Symbol  <CORP> <GO> 

(This will list all bonds issued by the equity. Choose a specific bond for more information.)


To Search for a Specific Bond: 

Ticker Symbol Coupon Rate Maturity <CORP> <GO> 

Example: IBM 5.4 01/26/09
<CORP> <GO> 

Government Bonds

Enter: WB <GO>  for a listing of major government bonds around the world

To find US Treasury Bonds directly enter: 

CT10 <GOVT> <GO> for the 10 year bond


CT5 <GOVT> <GO> for the 5 year (This formula can be used for any US benchmark bond)

To find the 3month T-Bill enter:

CB3 <GOVT> <GO> For US Generic Bonds enter: 

USGG5YR <INDEX> <GO> for the 5 year or USGG10YR <INDEX> <GO>  (This formula can be used for any US generic bond)