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Bloomberg Help Guide

Bloomberg Keyboard

Image of the custom Bloomberg keyboard

Command Keys

  • Press <Enter/Go> to open the login screen, and
    press <Enter/Go> after each command to run the function.
    Bloomberg <Enter/Go> key
  • Enter any word/phrase and press <F1/HELP> to search the entire database for matches (e.g.: a person, company, or currency).
    Bloomberg <F1/Help> key
  • Press <MENU> to navigate from any function back to a menu of related functions, and
    press <MENU> again, repeatedly to move back through the menu hierarchy to the Home menu.
    Bloomberg <Menu> key
  • Press <Pg Up> to go back one page in a multiple-page screen.
  • Press <End/Back> to navigate back to the previous screen.
  • Press <PANEL> to advance through the Bloomberg windows.
  • Press <PRINT> to print one page,
    5 <PRINT> to print a five-page screen,
    10 <PRINT> to print a ten-page screen, etc.

Sector Keys

  • GOVT: Worldwide sovereign and agency securities
  • CORP: Corporate debt
  • MTGE: Mortgage-backed security pass-throughs
  • M-MKT: Continuously issued and short-term dated paper
  • MUNI: U.S. municipality issued debt
  • EQUITY: ADRs, mutual funds, rights, stocks, options, warrants
    Bloomberg <F8/Equity> key
  • CMDTY: Commodities, futures, options, spot rates
  • INDEX: World financial markets, economic indices
  • CRNCY: Spots, futures, options on over 100 currencies

You can type the mnemonic or press the button for a sector.

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