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Bloomberg Help Guide: Help Features

Bloomberg's Email Support

Press the <F1 / HELP> key twice <F1 / Help><F1 / Help> to email a question to Bloomberg Support. Response time is 24 hours. 

Helpful Commands


Bloomberg Professional Service resource center for cheatsheets and marketing materials.


Review the last 8 functions used


View new enhancements by topic, such as Equities, Charts, or News & Research.

Where's Help?

The <F1 / Help> key can be used at any screen or menu level.

At the cursor prompt at the top of the screen enter your term and hit the <F1 / HELP> key 

Example: Beta <F1 / HELP> 

Online Training

BMC <GO> to sign up for Bloomberg Market Concepts, an 8 hour self-paced e-learning video course consisting of four modules: Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income and Equities. A certificate of completion is awarded and available for download.

Bloomberg Market Concepts