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Bloomberg Help Guide

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Equity Functions

Name Definition Command Example
Description In-depth security description DES <GO> AAPL <Equity> DES <GO>
Historical price Price/Yield history HP <GO> AAPL <Equity> HP <GO>
Relative value Relative value of company versus peers RV <GO> AAPL <Equity> RV <GO>
Financial analysis Analysis of company's financial ratios FA <GO> AAPL <Equity> FA <GO>
Graphs Bar charts of historical pricing data GPO <GO> AAPL <Equity> GPO <GO>
Management profile Profile of top company management MGMT <GO> AAPL <Equity> MGMT <GO>
Holdings Profiles of major shareholders HDS <GO> AAPL <Equity> HDS <GO>
Dividends and stock splits Historical dividend/split data DVD <GO> AAPL <Equity> DVD <GO>
Credit profile Current and historical debt ratings CRPR <GO> AAPL <Equity> CRPR <GO>
Options monitor Call options OMON <GO> AAPL <Equity> OMON <GO>
Total return analysis Earnings estimates and analysis TRA <GO> AAPL <Equity> TRA <GO>


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