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Library Services Dashboard: Collection Usage

Physical Circulation

Month Circulation
January 5,242
February 7,679
March 7,019
April 6,187
May 4,583
June 4,441
July 4,072
August 6,220
Grand Total 45,443

Borrow Direct Activity, 2022


Borrow Direct Activity Totals by Partner, 2022


Penn as Borrower

Lending Library Items
Princeton University 846
Yale University Library 810
Dartmouth College 589
Columbia University Libraries 582
Johns Hopkins University 556
Duke University 396
Harvard University 370
Stanford University 340
Brown University Library 314
University of Chicago 267
Cornell University 122
Total 5,192

Penn as Lender

Borrowing Library Items
Yale University Library 1,603
Harvard University 1,121
Columbia University Libraries 1,050
Johns Hopkins University 954
Cornell University 773
Princeton University 497
University of Chicago 398
Dartmouth College 313
Stanford University 307
Brown University Library 258
Duke University 242
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 109
Total 7,625

Circulation By Library and Location, 2022

Library Circulation
Van Pelt Library 30,924
LIBRA 4,043
Fisher Fine Arts Library 3,487
Athenaeum Library 2,266
Ormandy Music and Media Center 2,021
Museum Library 1,328
Lippincott Library@Wharton 1,129
Biotech Commons 997
Chemistry Library 966
Math/Physics/Astronomy Library 754
Veterinary Library - Penn Campus 402
Library at the Katz Center 266
Dental Medicine Library 215
Veterinary Library - New Bolton Center 40
Annenberg Library 33
Education Commons 28
Pennsylvania Hospital Library 23
ZUnavailable Library 4
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts 1
Grand Total 48,927

E-Book Usage

*E-Book Usage measured by section requests


*The Hathi Trust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) is a service provided to Member institutions in response to the move to remote learning necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Under ETAS, Member institutions and their patrons can access material regardless of copyright, as long as that institution holds a physical copy of the work in its collection.  

These usage statistics are distinct from the E-Book section requests, which are drawn from Penn's own electronic collections.