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Old Church Slavonic : Monographs

Subject Areas covered on this page

Old East Slavic Manuscript (reproduced with a CC0 license)

Language and Linguistics

To search the catalog to find a comprehensive, multi-lingual list of works on Old Church Slavonic, try the following "keyword expert" searches:

"old church" AND (slavic OR slavonic)

kiev* rus AND (language OR linguistic* OR literature).

kiev* rus AND history

[the asterisk * indicates truncation -- it will bring up Kiev or Kievan. You will not need to type in the diacritic after Rus'


Patristics & Hagiography

From Славянорусския сочинения в пергаменном сборникие:

a page from the Славянорусския сочинения в пергаменном сборникие