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NELC: Citation Best Practices: A first few steps for Zotero

Getting started


  • Download the Zotero desktop application
  • Add the Zotero connector to your browser
  • Within Zotero, create a folder for your paper or project 


  • Go to your favorite database
  • open your Zotero desk top application 
  • Search within the database
    • as you find articles of interest, click on the Zotero connection icon in your browser 
    • This should show you a list of the articles
    • Check the boxes for the articles you want to add to your folder 


  • Go back to the Zotero application 
  • Check the folder 
  • If pdfs were part of the database collection, you will be able to open the pdf from Zotero

More infrormation:

You may also want to view this Zotero workshop presented by Shannon Robinson in February 2022. It takes a little time for the videos to load on this page.

You can also find Mendeley and Endnote workshops at the Grad Center Recent Workshops page. Click on the Citation Management box. 

Contact Rebecca Stuhr if you'd like help getting started with Zotero (see Rebecca's "appointment scheduler" on the home page for this guide) 

A few additional details

You can not read PDFs in the Zotero application. You can take or add notes within the Zotero platform.

Zotero also has a word integration:

  • From a Microsoft Word document
  • Click on the Zotero icon
  • Select the citation style you prefer
  • Search for and add in-text citations 
  • Automoatically create bibliography/reference list/works cited from the in text citations

Some schools do not allow the add-ins in Word. Double check to make sure you can add the application to your version of Word. 

You can also manually add citations and create bibliographies with Word, which has its own helper. 

Please contact Rebecca Stuhr for more information and assistance

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