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Tests and Measurements: Overview

Tests at the Penn Libraries

Tests and measurements are standardized instruments, such as questionnaires, inventories, and scales, which are used to measure constructs in various social science disciplines. They are used for diagnosis, research, or assessment. It is difficult to accommodate the access restrictions imposed by most test publishers.  Therefore, the Penn Library does not have a test collection.   Some resources related to specific tests can be found using the Franklin Catalog.  Please see the other resources described under Test Information and Reviews, Sources for Finding Test Instruments, and additional works.

Published / Commercial Tests

Published tests, or commercial tests, are standardized tests that are generally only available for purchase. Often these tests are expensive, consist of multiple parts, and must be purchased directly from the publisher, sometimes in specified quantities. Most often commercial tests must be used according to specific restrictions and cited according to the specifications of the owning company or author.

Unpublished / Non-commercial Tests

Unpublished tests are often found reproduced in journal articles, books, or dissertations.  Unless permission is overtly stated, to use an unpublished test, it is best to contact the author or the publisher of the publication that includes the instrument.

Finding Testings and Test Reviews

Commercial tests: Use these test review sources, including the Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print, to find reviews of and publication information about commercially available tests.

Non-commerical tests: Use these sources to locate unpublished/non-commercial test instruments, some reproduced in books, journals, and handbooks.

Further Research: Browse selected journals on testing and assessment. Research articles can also be located by searching specific databases such as Franklin Articles+, Scopus, Web of Science, and PsycINFO.

FAQ on Tests

The American Psychological Association offers an informative FAQ on Finding Information About Psychological Tests.

Standards on Testing

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