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Disability Studies: Books

Narrowing down your book search results

If your Franklin Catalog search results are overwhelming, there are some subject heading phrases that might help you maintain control. Plug these into your Keyword Expert searching with ... AND ....

Conditions and aspects

attitudes civil rights
economic conditions government policy
health aspects history
intellectual life legal status
moral and ethical aspects social aspects
social conditions social life and customs
politics and government public opinion
psychology psychological aspects
religion religious aspects
religious life

Methodologies and sources

methodology anecdotes
autobiography case studies
correspondence cross-cultural studies
diaries fieldwork
interviews longitudinal studies
newspapers personal narratives
statistics surveys

Representations and participation

... in advertising ... in art
... in literature ... in mass media
... in motion pictures ... in music
... in popular culture ... in science
... in television ... in the Bible
... in civil service ... and crime
... and the arts ... and the performing arts
influences study and teaching
discrimination against ...

Franklin Catalog : finding books about disability

Franklin Catalog uses Library of Congress subject headings and subject heading subdivisions to describe books, ebooks, videos, and other Penn Libraries materials that are about impairments and disability and about people with impairments or disabilities. These subject headings are assigned at the most detailed level treated by most of the work.

Look for patterns in subject headings. Identify synonyms among subject headings. Combine subject heading phrases using Franklin Catalog's "Keyword Search" function.

Example subject headings relating to disability are:

Disability studies Sociology of disability
Disabilities Developmental disabilities Learning disabilities
Mental disabilities Intellectual disability Social disabilities
Blindness Deafness Paralysis
Paraplegia Quadriplegia Hemiplegia
Cerebral palsy Abnormalities, human
Autism Autism spectrum disorders Down syndrome
People with disabilities Developmentally disabled Learning disabled
People with mental disabilities People with social disabilities People with visual disabilities
Blind Deaf Paralytics
Paraplegics Quadriplegics Hemiplegics
Cerebral palsied Autistic people Inmates of institutions
Intellectual disability facilities patients
Children with disabilities Infants with disabilities Learning disabled children
Autistic children Children with autism spectrum disorders Youth with disabilities
Developmentally disabled youth Young adults with disabilities Middle-aged persons with visual disabilities
Teenagers with disabilities Older people with disabilities African Americans with disabilities
Librarians with disabilities
Deaf culture Subculture Marginality, social
Social isolation Difference (psychology) Stigma (social psychology)
Identity (psychology)
Disability law Psychology and mental health
Rehabilitation Deinstitutionalization Institutional care
Adult care facilities Group homes Home care services
Hospital care Intellectual disability facilities Mental health facilities
Nursing home care Psychiatric hospitals
Barrier-free design Self-help devices for people with disabilities Blind, apparatus for the
Assistive computer technology Communication devices for people with disabilities Hearing aids
CIC hearing aids Cochlear implants Artificial limbs
Artificial legs Parapodiums

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