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Germanic Languages & Literatures: Film & Video

This version of the Germanic Languages & Literatures Research Guide is now superseded. Please visit 10/23/23 CC.

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Where can I stream it now?

Useful apps for Cinema & Media Studies

IMDb logoLetterboxd logo
ReelGood logoJustWatch logo
  • IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, for filmographies, casts, credits, showtimes, reviews, and watchlists for film and TV.
  • Letterboxd, a social network for film people with watchlists and reviews.
  • JustWatch or ReelGood, streaming search and watchlists.

Not available to stream? It happens.
Search for the DVD

Search Franklin for films and TV, streaming or as a DVD. Sometimes, for rights reasons, a DVD may be your only option.

DVDs can offer bonus essays, booklets, interviews, and extra content.

Streaming Collections

German Film

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