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Poster and 3D printing at the Biomedical Library: Appointments


Contact us (we always respond faster to emails!)


Our hours vary due to the fact that we are staffed by student workers.  Please use the online scheduler or email us at

no appointments available? Check out the print-by-email option!


1) Before your appointment: save your file as PDF

You must bring your poster in PDF format to your appointment, as PowerPoint format is not reliable across computers.

  • Other acceptable formats: .jpg, .gif, .tiff. No KEYNOTE, MS Publisher, or LaTeX files, sorry!

2) Schedule your appointment

  • Please allow 1 business day between your scheduled appointment and when you need to pick up your poster.  Posters are usually ready much faster, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to pick up your poster on the same day (unless you purchase rush service), so please do not schedule your appointment a few hours before flying out to a conference!
  • Please do not make appointments you cannot keep.  Before conferences we are booked to capacity and it is not fair to sit around waiting for you when we can be helping other patrons.  If your plans change, kindly send us a note to cancel your appointment as early as possible so we can open the slot for someone else. 
  • We recommend scheduling one appointment per maximum of 2 posters unless you are certain that your file will not require much editing.

no appointments available? Check out the print-by-email option!


3) When you arrive

  • Come to the Poster Printing office (G14, Biomedical Library ground floor) at your appointment time. Please arrive on time. 
  • Bring your file on a USB stick or email it to
    Attention CHOP patrons: we cannot read your encrypted USB drives, so please email us your file instead. If your file is too big to email, you can upload it to Dropbox, make it public and send the link to
  • We will load your file onto our workstation and review the file with you to make sure it is the correct size and format. It is up to you to make sure the file looks the way you want it before you arrive.  We will not be responsible for errors that are consistent with the file.  Please make sure you proofread your poster before the file is sent to the printer (our staff will give you the time to do so).
  • Please budget 30 minutes for your active appointment time, not including printing. In most cases you will need to come back later in the day or the following business day to pick up your poster.

4) Cost, payment options and turnaround times