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Poster Printing at the Bollinger Digital Fabrication Lab, Holman Biotech Commons

We're happy to accommodate bulk printing/billing orders for classes, events or departments.   

Please follow the instructions below.  For additional help, email Lexi Voss at

Step 1: Gather Information

  • Decide what the department will pay for:
    • Maximum poster dimensions? 
    • Material (paper at $0.03 or travel-friendly fabric at $0.06)?
    • Carrying tubes? Cardboard ($5) or reusable ($30)?
    • Priority service (extra $25)
  • Decide how you prefer to handle submissions: will one person submit for the group, or will individual users submit for themselves? 
    • Option 1: One person submits for all.  Simplest and fastest way in terms of billing and printing.  In case of a large number of posters, one single submission with one attached file and the rest uploaded as Box or other cloud links (as long as they are set to publicly accessible).
      BUT: we can only offer this option if you forfeit the quality check and we print AS IS.  It is extremely confusing and time consuming to communicate about quality control issues via an intermediary person.  
    • Option 2: Individual users submit their own request.  This option is more time-consuming but we will check each poster for resolution issues and communicate with the submitting party before printing.  
      This option will require extra lead time (earlier deadline) and extra info for billing: the cost pre-approval form (see below) must include all individual names as well as group info if relevant (If people will be printing in groups, we'll need the group info as well in order to make sure we don't double-print (and double-charge!) your account.

Step 2: Obtain Approval

Fill out the request for approval to charge the departmental account. Remember to:

  • Select all the add-ons that the department will pay for, if any (carrying tubes or priority service) and include maximum poster dimensions allowed.
  • Make sure the BA's email is correct.
  • If you opted for individual submissions, you must include the names of all individuals or groups that will be submitting.
  • After you submit the form, check with your BA.  Once you submit the form, the BA will receive an email.  Inform your BA that they will have to click on the email, fill out and submit the rest of the formWe will be unable to process the order until we have received the BA's part.

Step 3: Communicate with your group

Make sure the members of your class or department know the requirements, especially if you opted for individual submissions:

  • Maximum poster dimensions covered by the department.
  • Deadline for submitting orders:  For large groups and individual submissions, we request even more lead time.  If the department will not pay for priority (rush) service, please make that clear to your group.
  • Instruct users to refer to the group/class/department name when placing an order. They do not have to fill out individual pre-approval forms!
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