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Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL): ERIC - Education Resources Information Center

ERIC Database - covers education publications

Connect to the ERIC Database

ERIC - Education Resources Information Center (ProQuest interface)

ERIC - Education Resources Information Center (EBSCO interface)

ERIC Subject Headings

Both ERIC platforms (EBSCO and ProQuest) provide access to Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors. Noting various subject headings assigned to articles can help you in your searching.

Selected relevant ERIC Descriptors:

business english
college english
class organization
cultural awareness
english language learners
english (second language)
english for academic purposes
formative evaluation
grouping (instructional purposes)
language teachers
learning processes
limited english speaking
multigraded classes
multilevel classes (second language instruction)
listening comprehension
personal autonomy
second language instruction
second language learning
task analysis
teaching methods

Search Syntax used in ProQuest Databases

Default and keyword search

The All fields option looks for search terms in all fields—including any available abstract or full text.

Two or more terms entered are combined with AND


Searches regular plurals automatically.  You can change this in preferences.


Use quotes:  "curriculum development"

Truncation / Wildcards

* use an asterisk at the beginning, end, or in the middle of a search term. Replaces up to 10 characters. Each truncated word can return up to 500 word variations

identit* gets identity or identities

used to replace a single character, either insider or at the right end of a world.

organi?ation, e?l


near/n or N/n   searches two terms, in any order, within 0 to n number of words from each other.  Replace ‘n’ with a number. Used alone, near defaults to near/4.  When you shorten NEAR to N, you must provide a number.  

adult near/3 learner

pre/n or P/n  - searches for documents that contain a search term appearing a specified number of words before a second term.

novice pre/2 teacher

Field searching

Use either the pulldown menus to select fields or specify them in your search: 

ti,ab,su(online) searches for online in the title, abstract, and subject fields.


Brings back results with the letters in the parents in capitals 


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