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Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL): Franklin Catalog - Books and more

Locate books with the Franklin Catalog

The Franklin Catalog contains records of books, both print and online, accessible through the Penn Libraries.

A Subject Heading to Know

Many books on English as a Second Language are assigned the Library of Congress (LC) subject heading: english language--study and teaching--foreign speakers.  This heading appears in the Subjects field of a catalog record and can be used to retrieve a set of works on ESL:

Image the catalog search result for "Reading, writing, and learning in ESL." Arrow pointing to the "Subjects" listing.

While you want to search for EFL, ESL, TESOL, TEFOL, or TEFL, Franklin Catalog will prefer this LC Subject Heading pattern instead!


Some pre-set Franklin Catalog searches to try:  

To separate out works with english language study and teaching foreign speakers in the subject field AND limit that set by another key term, choose keyword search, put the heading in quotes, and add another term.  Quotes are used for phrase searching.

Search Syntax

Default connector AND

‚Äčfirst language  =  searches: first and language

Phrase in quotation marks

"first language" 

use: and or to combine terms.  (and, or, not may be lower case when searching Franklin Catalog, but they must be capitalized when searching Franklin Articles)

"second language acquisition" and (motivat* or psycholog*)

Distance between words can be specified with " "~#

"first language"~3 first within 0 to 3 words of language, in any order

Truncate words with *  

motivat* searches for motivating, motivation, motivational, motivated

Consider related terms

"second language acquisition" and (oral or verbal)

Browsing the Print Collection

The following call number information will assist you in browsing the Van Pelt stacks.  Remember some books will be checked out to other students at any given moment and electronic books do not have call numbers since they do not have a physical location.

PE 1128            TESOL
PE 1106, 1112    Grammar
PE 1137            Pronunciation
PE 1065            Teaching English (in general)
PE 1460            Idioms
PE 3721            Slang
P 35-121           Linguistics
P 40                 Sociolinguistics
P 37                 Psycholinguistics
P 118               Language Acquisition
P 215-240         Phonology, Phonetics
P 241-258         Morphology
P 302               Discourse Analysis
LB 1576            Teaching English (Elementary Ed.)
LC 3701-3740    Bilingual Education

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