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ALC : Africana Librarians Council: Africana Subject Funnel Project


Africana Librarians Council Cataloging Committee
Africana Subject Funnel Project
Annual and Semiannual Reports and other documents


The Africana Subject Funnel Project, begun spring 1995, falls under the Library of Congress Cooperative Cataloging Program known as SACO (Subject Authority Cooperative Program). It is a project of the Africana Librarians Council Cataloging Committee whose chairperson either serves as the funnel project coordinator or appoints the coordinator and is open to anyone who wishes to participate. The current coordinator is Margaret Hughes, Stanford University, who replaced longtime coordinator Joseph J. Lauer, Michigan State University, in Fall 2010.

Currently the funnel project is concentrating on the creation of new subject headings and the changing or updating of old subject headings. The Cataloging Committee hopes to be able to provide greater and better access to Africana materials through this project. To date a wide variety of headings has been proposed and accepted from "Bible stories, Hausa" to "Ulundi (Kwazulu, South Africa), Battle of, 1879."

Semiannual Reports of the Africana Subject Funnel Project

2019 2019 Annual report (November 2019)
2018 2018 Annual report (November 2018)
2017 2017 Annual report (November 2017)
2016 2016 Annual report (November 2016)
2013 2013 Annual report (November 2013)
2012 2012 Annual report (December 2012)
2010 Spring 2010 report Fall 2010 report
2009 Spring 2009 report Fall 2009 report
2008 Spring 2008 report Fall 2008 report
2007 Spring 2007 report Fall 2007 report
2006 Spring 2006 report Fall 2006 report
2005 Spring 2005 report Fall 2005 report
2004 Spring 2004 report Fall 2004 report
2003 Spring 2003 report Fall 2003 report
2002 Spring 2002 report Fall 2002 report
2001 No Spring 2001 report issued Fall 2001 report
2000 Spring 2000 report Fall 2000 report
1999 Spring 1999 report Fall 1999 report
1998 Spring 1998 report Fall 1998 report
1997 No Spring 1997 meeting Fall 1997 report
1996 Spring 1996 report Fall 1996 report
1995 Fall 1995 report

Other reports of the Africana Subject Funnel Project