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WWI Primary and Secondary Sources: Print and Online: Databases and Secondary Sources

International primary source documents in the University Pennsylvania Libraries collections and Online sites


Art and the First World War

Subject keywor search for World War 1914-1918 Art, brings works that collect and analyze the artwork from the war. Much of the war was documented by artists in the field. 

Art and the Great War by Eugene Gallatin , 1919includes 100 works of art, Read "Art and the Great War" through the HathiTrust platform.

Solders underground tending to the wounded Artist Samuel J. Woolf

Reference Books at Van Pelt

Books at Van Pelt

New Books on the First World War @ Penn

Many books have been published over the period of the 100 year anniversary of the beginning and end of the First World War. This subject heading search: World War 1914-1918 is limited to just those titles that have been published since 2014. There are nearly 1,500 titles. Screenshot image of subject heading search "World War 1914-1918" on Franklin.

A Selection of Representative Books at Van Pelt

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