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WWI Primary and Secondary Sources: Print and Online: Personal Narratives, Speeches, Papers

International primary source documents in the University Pennsylvania Libraries collections and Online sites

Letters, Correspondences and Speeches

The following are resources available in Van Pelt Library.  Clicking on the links will take you to the item's catalog record in Franklin.

Prisoner of War Data from the ICRC

WWI Personal Narratives

A subject search in Franklin: World War 1914-1918 -- Personal Narratives brings up 489 records. Limit 

Papers and Memoirs


Portrait of Woodrow Wilson







 c.1912 Courtesy of the Library of Congress,
Prints and Photographs Division [reproduction number LC-USZ62-13028 DLC]

WWI Diaries

A keyword search in Franklin: world war 1914-1918 diaries brings up 213 and entries

Screenshyot image of keyword search results for "world war 1914-1918 diaries" on Franklin.

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