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Find articles and books on a topic

  • ZENON  catalog of the libraries of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut

Searching by archaeological site

Searching by names of ancient sites or cultures can be tricky. If variant names or spellings are known, researchers are encouraged to try the ancient and modern names in what is most commonly used in English as well as in the vernacular. Examples:

  • Constantinople and Istanbul
  • Thebes (Egypt) and Luxor
  • Nysa-Scythopolis, Baysan, Bisan, Beit She'an, and Bet She'an (Israel) - the last option is the standard Library of Congress subject heading that should appear in all Franklin Catalog records for books specifically about the site, but the other spellings and names would be useful in subject databases and full-text resources. 

If you are unsure what variant names or spellings may exist,

Find images

  • Beazley Archives databases for ancient pottery, gems, Etruscan and Central Italian architectural terracottas, and other materials.
  • Arachne central image and object database for the libraries of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut


Deciphering journal abbreviations

  • Start by checking the List of Abbreviations usually found in the front of a volume.
  • Consult Jean Wellington's only slightly out-of-date Dictionary of bibliographic abbreviations found in the scholarship of classical studies and related disciplines, which is available in Van Pelt 301, Classics Resource Room,  PA99 .W44 2004
  • Look at the author/manuscript submission guidelines for a major journal in your field. For example, for the American Journal of Archaeology's list of preferred abbreviations, see in the Author Guide.
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