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List: import references, title and abstract screening, full text review, extractionCovidence is an easy-to-use support tool that can guide you through the Systematic Review process.  Consider using the program for any type of literature review project.

Covidence allows for easy collaboration.  Invite colleagues at Penn or individuals outside of the institution to participate on your review project.

This web-based tool can help you:

  • import journal citations from multiple databases or citation management tools
  • deduplicate citations automatically
  • screen studies for inclusion/exclusion
  • upload PDFs
  • extract data from a study and assess the quality of the study
  • generate a PRISMA diagram automatically

Creating a Covidence Account

Use the instructions below to create a Covidence account linked to Penn's institutional license. After you have created your account, you can access Covidence at anytime.


Any current UPenn Faculty, Staff, or Student may request access to a UPenn Covidence account.

If you have never used Covidence before:

  1. Use our Covidence Link to start the process. You will be prompted to authenticate using your PennKey.
  2. Enter your name & email (using your email address) and click the “Request Invitation” link.
  3. Accept the invitation sent to your email account. [Check your spam folder if the email doesn't arrive in a few minutes.]
  4. Enter the information indicated on the Covidence page to sign up for your Covidence account.

If you already have an account with Covidence, you can link your account to UPenn's institutional license:

  • If your existing Covidence account uses your UPenn email address, use the same Covidence Link to retrieve an invite link.  Click the "Accept Invitation" link in the emailed message and log into your existing account.
  • If your existing Covidence account uses an email address other than UPenn, you will need to access your Covidence Profile, add your Penn email address, and make it your Covidence primary address.  Then use the Covidence Link to retrieve an invite.  Click the "Accept Invitation" link in the emailed message and log into your existing account.


  • Note that any review you create under this institutional license will be visible to the administrators of the UPenn Covidence license.
  • Once you have signed up under our institutional subscription, you can access Covidence directly.
  • You can sign out of your account anytime by hovering over your name in the upper right-hand corner of the Covidence screen and selecting "Sign Out".

Creating your First Review

Start a new reviewWhen you first log into your Covidence account you should see a "Start a new review" button. If you don't see the button, click the Covidence "box" icon at the top of the screen.

  • Click "Start a new review"
    • Covidence Create Review screenYou will be asked if you are creating a Cochrane review.  Leave NO selected.
    • Name your review.  You can change the name later.
    • Select "University of Pennsylvania" as the account you wish to use. [see sample Covidence image]
    • Click "Create Review".
  • The system will suggest you add other reviewers.  You can skip this step for now and click the back arrow icon next to the word Settings.
  • This will take you to the "Review Summary" screen of your new review!  You are ready to start importing references.
  • You can always return to the Review Summary screen by clicking the name of your Review which should appear at the top of the screen next to the Covidence logo.

Leaving Penn

When you leave Penn, any review you have created remains a part of the University of Pennsylvania's Covidence Repository.  As long as you remain a member of the review, you will have access to the unlimited features within that review.

You will no longer have the option to create any additional reviews under Penn's organizational subscription.  You will be able to access your account in Covidence using your primary email and password.  If your primary email was created with your University of Penn email address and you will no longer have access to that email, you will need to update your primary email within your Covidence account profile.

More transferring account information available.

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