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Preliminary Settings

Settings buttonThere are several settings you might want to select during the initial setup of your review. Click the "Settings" button near the top of the Review Summary screen.

  • Review Settings - Select the number of reviewers required for Ti/Ab screening, full-text screening, and data extraction. Your options are '1' or '2'.
  • Reviewers - Invite other reviewers both inside and outside the university.  Invited reviewers will receive an email notifying them of your invitation to join your review.
  • Team Settings - Manage rules surrounding who can screen and who can resolve conflicts.
  • Criteria & Exclusion Reasons
    • List inclusion/exclusion criteria.  This will allow screeners to easily review the list while making decisions as they screen articles.
    • Define exclusion reasons that can be selected by screeners during the full-text review process.  Only one exclusion reason may be selected by a reviewer so it's important for the group to consider what exclusion option should be selected if there is more than one available in your list. 
    • Manage highlights allows you to highlight important words in the abstract.  This can help screeners more quickly discern whether an article should be included/excluded.
  • Study Tags - Create tags that can be added to an article record.  For example you can designate that a specific article be used as a background article by creating a tag "background article" and then attaching the tag to the appropriate articles.
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