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Full Text Review

Full text review team progress page

Full Text Screening Display

You are ready for Full Text Screening. Revist the "Preliminary Settings" section of this guide if you have not already settled on criteria/exclusion settings. 

It's especially important that your SR team has agreed on exclusion criteria and that they have been added to the Settings Area.  Settings -> Criteria & Exclusion Reasons -> Manage exclusion reasons for full text review.

Clicking the "Full Text Screening" box on the "Review Summary" screen will display the number of articles available to screen.  Start screening by clicking the "Screen" or "Continue" button.

Screening Citations

Screeners have the option of selecting Include OR Exclude for each citation.  If two reviewers are required, citations move through the process depending on the vote combination.

  • Both reviewers vote Exclude (same reason) -> citation moves to "Excluded References"
  • Both reviewers vote Include -> citation moves on to "Extraction" process.
  • A combination Include and Exclude, OR two Excludes but for different reasons -> citation moves to "Resolve conflicts" 

Voting is blinded until both reviewers have cast their vote.

Resolving Conflicts

If there is a conflict - either one vote for inclusion and one for exclusion, OR if both reviewers have voted to exclude but disagree on the reason - a third, adjudicating vote is required. Votes will be blinded until the conflict is resolved. The individual(s) who can resolve conflicts can be designated by accessing Settings -> Team settings -> Rules -> Manage Rules.

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