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MathSciNet Guide: Author Citation Search

A guide on how to use MathSciNet, which covers all aspects of mathematics and provides access to over 55 years of Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications.

Author Citation Search

To search for author citationsenter the author name as for an ordinary author search. If there is more than one author that matches a list will be presented, choose the desired author from the list.

The citation counts for the ten most frequently matched references associated with the author are given. These counts are over all MathSciNet reference lists. Because the MathSciNet reference list journals are only a portion of all journals covered by MathSciNet, these counts will typically be undercounts of the total number of references in the published mathematical literature. One reference list may contain several citations to a given author: these are all counted. The counts for each item are the Reference Citations counts for that item in MathSciNet.


Author Citations


If there are more than ten matched items associated with the author, the remaining number of matched references is given as a single total.

The count of all distinct authors whose citations are included in the total count is given at the top of the page. These authors are drawn from the MathSciNet author database, based on the matched items in MathSciNet reference lists.