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MathSciNet Guide: Displaying Results

A guide on how to use MathSciNet, which covers all aspects of mathematics and provides access to over 55 years of Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications.

Displaying Results

Your search results are automatically displayed in summary form showing author(s), title, and journal details and they are displayed in reverse date order. The number of results is displayed at the top of the screen. You can use the page numbers to move through the results.


Displaying Search Results


Clicking on the MR number (the 7 digit number at the start of each headline) will take you into the full record for the item where you will be able to read the review. The review will be in HTML format and can sometimes be difficult to read due to the amount of Tex coding. To display the mathematical symbols in the review select to change format to PDF from the select alternative format pull-down menu at the top of the review page.

Use the PennText Button link to view the full text of the article if it is available, to check the Franklin catalog for print holdings or to fill in an inter-library loan form if the article is not held by the library.