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MathSciNet Guide: Journal Citation Search

A guide on how to use MathSciNet, which covers all aspects of mathematics and provides access to over 55 years of Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications.

Journal Citation Search

A journal citation search will return information on citation trends for that journal, not for specific articles within the journal. To search select the Journal Citations tab, enter the name of the journal and select a year of interest. The results will then display the Mathematical Citation Quotient for that journal.

The Mathematical Citation Quotient compares two counts for a selected journal and a selected year. The first count is the number of matched references to papers in the given journal, from the selected publication year, over all reference list journals, where the references are within the five-year period preceding the given year. The second count is the total number of papers (indexed in MathSciNet) in the given journal over the same five-year period. The MCQ is the quotient, with the number of citations in the numerator and the number of papers in the denominator. The numbers of citations and numbers of papers are broken down for each year of the five-year period.


Mathematical Citation Quotient for 2004
Year 2004 Citations to Journal Items Published in Journal MCQ
2003 35 104  
2002 68 141
2001 67 116
2000 45 130
1999 44 101
  259 citations ÷ 592 items = 0.438


The journal in this example had a total of 592 items indexed in MathSciNet over the 5-year period from 1999 to 2003. Over all the reference lists in MathSciNet for issues with publication year 2004, there were a total of 259 matched references to papers in the given journal with publication year in the same 5-year period. The MCQ is the quotient of 259 and 592, namely .438.

The "35" in the top row of the table counts 35 matched references in reference list journals with publication year 2004 to papers in the selected journal with publication year 2003. The "104" in the top row counts 104 papers in the selected journal, with publication year 2003, indexed in MathSciNet.

The numbers in the Citations to Journal column link to headline lists of the MathSciNet items with the corresponding references in their associated reference lists. The numbers in the Published in Journal column link to the MathSciNet items for the journal articles in the given years.

The All Journal MCQ is given below the table for comparison purposes. This collapses all journals in the Citation Database into a single super-journal and calculates the MCQ for this All Journal journal, for the selected year.

Below the MCQ table, the counts of all references to the selected journal in the given year, by year of reference, are presented graphically, in 5 year intervals. In addition, the total number of matched references in the Citation Database to articles in the given journal, over all publication years, is given.