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Digital Projects Showcase

The Organizing Committee for the Philadelphia SHARP Conference 2013 is delighted to announce a new conference event: a Digital Projects Showcase, featuring a range of research tools, apps and software, bibliographies or databases, corpora of media or texts, digitization initiatives, remediations, and interactive interfaces, all related in some way to book history or bibliography.

The Showcase will be held between 12:30 and 3:30pm on Saturday, July 20, 2013, with only partial parallel programming, so that conference attendees have ample time to visit and learn from participants in this event. Participants will exhibit their projects in a free-form, interactive session in which other conference attendees will be able to move between participant "booths" to explore and engage with projects of interest to them.

Among them, the projects to be exhibited address all three aspects of SHARP's organizational purview: authorship, reading, and publishing. Several are directly relevant to the conference theme, "Geographies of the Book." More information about projects on display will be available on this page in April 2013.

Come to the DPS to learn about the origins and theoretical underpinnings of a range of projects from a number of different historical periods and geography/ies. Participants will provide demonstrations of their projects, explain project design, talk about tools/software used, and discuss challenges they faced or questions they wish to address in future iterations of their projects. We have made a particular effort to showcase projects whose execution processes can serve as models for further digital or new media research in other fields.

We look forward to your enthusiastic participation as we showcase our changing digital landscape in Philadelphia this July.

The fourteen projects that will be presented at the Digital Projects Showcase are:

Algee-Hewitt, Mark;
Mole, Tom
Stanford University, USA;
McGill University, Canada
The Book History BiblioGraph
Belk, Patrick Scott;
Earle, David M.
University of West Florida, USA The Pulp Magazines Project
Clark, Patricia G. Westminster College, USA Reading in 1950s South Africa: Records of the Cape Libraries Extension Association
Cordell, Ryan Northeastern University, USA Visualizing Antebellum Reprinting Networks
Fraas, Mitch University of Pennsylvania, USA Expanding the Republic of Letters: India and the Circulation of Ideas in the Late Eighteenth Century
Galey, Alan University of Toronto, Canada The Borders of the Book: Visualizing Paratexts and Marginalia in Multiple Copies and Editions
Goffin, Jordan;
Putter, Michael
Providence Public Library, USA; Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands Atlases of the Rhode Island and Dutch Book Trades
Heil, Jacob;
Mandell, Laura
Texas A&M University The Early Modern OCR Project (eMOP)
Hjartarson, Paul;
Quamen, Harvey
University of Alberta, Canada Mapping Sheila Watson's Paris: Using a Geo-Location Smartphone App to Retrace Walks
the Canadian Modernist Records in Her Journal
Mann, Alastair University of Stirling, Scotland The Records of the Parliament of Scotland to 1707
Ouvry-Vial, Brigitte Marguerite Université du Maine, France Mapping Creative Women in the History of Book Publishing: A Contrasting Geography
Shep, Sydney; Feltham, Flora; Bryan, Sara Victoria University of Wellington,
New Zealand
Mapping Printers' Lives and Letters
Shores, Rebecca Pomeroy UNC - Chapel Hill, USA Geographical Content, Geographical Context: Mapping the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle(s)
Stinson, Timothy North Carolina State University, USA ARC and Collex: Federated Resources for the Study of Book History
Yanez-Bouza, Nuria University of Manchester, UK;
University of Vigo, Spain
The Eighteenth-Century English Grammars Database: A New Resource for
the History of the Book and Linguistic Historiography
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