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Sources for Modern and Contemporary China

Foreign Documents on Modern China

2013 PRC Criminal Procedure Law and Related Regulations (Yale University Law Library)

US State Department Files on China

Records on Political Relations Between China, the U.S. and Other Countries, 1910-1929

Records on Political Relations and Conflict between Republican China and Imperial Japan, 1930-1939

China: Records of the U.S. Department of State, 1940-1944

State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research Reports: China, 1941-1947

Country Intelligence Reports on China, 1941-1947

Records of the US State Department Division of Chinese Affairs, 1944-1961

Records of the US State Department Office of Chinese Affairs, 1945-1955

Confidential US State Department Central Files, Asia, 1960-1969

Subject Files of US State Department’s Office of the Republic of China Affairs (1951-1978)

Political Relations Between China, the United States and other Countries, 1910-1929

Political, Economic, and Military Conditions in China: Reports & Correspondence of U.S. Military Intelligence, 1918-1941

General George C. Marshall’s Mission to China, 1945-1947

Records of the U.S. Information Service in China: Chinese Press Reviews and Summaries, 1944-1950

Economic Cooperation Administration’s Relief Mission in Post-War China, 1946-1948

CIA Papers on China and the Soviet Union, 1953-1973

Records of the National Council for United States-China Trade 1973-1983

Foreign Office Files for China
All of the British Foreign Office's files on China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, 1919-1980

Nineteenth-Century Documents on European Diplomacy with Asia

German Foreign Relations and Military Activities in China, 1919-1935

English-Language Newspapers

Chinese Historical Newspapers - Full text of 22 late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century newspapers published in China

China Press

North China Daily News

North China Herald

North China Desk Hong List

Scholarly Literature

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