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Classical Studies: Print and Online Resources at Penn: Subject Headings and Call Numbers

Guide to finding resources in the area of literature and languages of Ancient Greece and Rome


CJ 301-CJ 1291: Numismatics: Greek, Roman, Byzantine

CN 340-CN 730:Inscriptions: Classical languages

DE 1-DE 100: Greco-Roman World, Mediterranean. Classical Antiquities

DE 46-DE 70: History of the Greco-Roman world--Antiquities. Civilization. Culture, archaeology

DF 10-DF 289: Ancient Greece

DF 75-DF 134: History of Greece--Ancient Greece--Antiquities. Civilization. Culture

DF 221.5: Troy

DF 501-DF 649: Medieval Greece. Byzantine Empire

DF 895-DF 95: Greece: Local history

DG 11-DG 365: Ancient Italy

DG 11-DG 9802: History of Italy--Ancient Italy. Rome to 476
DS 155-DS 156l: History of Asia--Asia Minor [before 1453, including Greek city-state and colonies]

DG 401-DG 537: Medieval Italy. Renaissance Italy

DG 600-DG 999: Italy: Local history (inc. Malta)

DS 41-DS 66: Middle East, Ancient Orient, Near East, Soutwestern Asia, Arab east, antiquities,         archaeology

DS 69-DS 80: Iraq Antiquities

DS 80-DS 90: Lebanon

DS 92-DS 99: Syria

DS 101-DS 111: Jerusalem, Antiquities

DS 155-DS 156: Asia Minor

DS 201-DS 248: Arabian Peninsula

DS 260-DS 262: Iran, Antiquities

DT 56-DT 70: Egypt, Antiquities

DT 154: Sudan, Antiquities

DT 168-DT 170: North Africa, Carthaginian period

HT 863: Slavery--History--Ancient, Slavery--Greece, Slavery--Rome, Slaves--Greece, Slaves--Rome

HT 979: Slave Trade--Greece, Slave Trade--Romen

U 33-U 35: Military Science: Greece & Rome

U 805: Weapons: Ancient

V 37-V 39: Naval Science: Greek & Roman

VM 16: Naval Architecture: Ancient, Greek, Roman, Egyptian

Art and Architecture

HT 114: Archaeology of Ancient Cities, Cities and towns, ancient, City and townlife, Rome, Greece, Extinct Cities

ML 164-ML 169: Ancient music, Music, Greek and Roman, music--to 500, Music, Egypt--to 500, Music in the Bible, Jews--Israel, Music--to 500

N 5300-N 5896: Classical art; Art, Greek--Greece, Art, Roman
N 5350-N 5351: Art, antiquities, monuments, Egyptian

N 7582: Portraits, Egyptian

N 7832-N 7840:  Visual arts: Early Christian

N 7585-N 7589: Portra, Greek & Roman

N 7760-N 7763: Visual arts--Mythology

NA 260-NA 373: Architecture: Greek, Roman, Early Christian, Byzantine
NA 3340-NA 3370   Architectural decoration: Greek, Roman

NA 3760-NA 3780: Mosaic. Tesselated work. Terrazzo work--Ancient, Early Christian, Byzantine

NA 215-NA 216: Architecture: Egypt

NA 3335: Architectural decoration: Egyptian

NA 9092: City planning and beautifying--History--Ancient

NB 75: Sculpture: Egyptian

NB 85-NB 169: Sculpture, Ancient; Sculpture, GreeK; Sculpture, Roman; Sculpture, Egyptian; Sculpture, Minoan

ND 75: Painting: Egyptian

ND 100-ND 135: Painting: Greek, Roman, Early Christian, classical, Hellenistic       

ND 2560-ND 2575: Mural painting: Ancient

ND 2752-ND 2754: Mural painting: Greece; Mural painting: Rome

NK 4640-NK 4654: Vases: Greek & RomaN;  Vase painting

Philology and Philosophy

BL 700-BL 820: Classical religion & mythology

BL 2441-BL 2455: Egyption religion and mythology

PA 1-PA 199: Classical Philology

PA 201-P 899: Greek philology and language

PA 1000-PA 1044: Medieval Greek language

PA 2001-PA 2915: Latin philology and language

PA 3000-PA 3049: Classical literature

PA 3050-PA 4449: Greek literature, ancient

PA 6000-PA 6971: Roman literature, ancient

PA 8001-PA 8595: Medieval Latin literature, individual Medieval authors,

     Medieval Christian literature, romances

PJ 1001-PJ 1989: Egyptology

PJ 1091-PJ 1109: Egyptian Writing

PJ 1111-PJ 1439: Egyptian language

PJ 1481-PJ 1989: Egyptian literature

PJ 2401-PJ 2594: Cushitic languages

PJ 3001-PJ 3097: Semitic philology and literature

PJ 3101-PJ 3971: Language, literature, and inscriptions: Assyriology, Akkadian,
PJ 4001-PJ 4091: Sumerian

PJ 4101-PJ 4197: West and North Semitic languages

PJ 4171-PJ 4197: Phenician-Punic

PJ 4501-PJ 5192: Hebrew

PJ 4543-PJ 4937: Hebrew Language (Biblical and modern)

PJ 4951-PJ 5000: Medieval Hebrew

PJ 5001-PJ 5060: Hebrew Literature

PJ 5201-PJ 5329: Aramaic

PJ 5401-PJ 5909: Syriac

PJ 6690-PJ 6697: Ancient Arabic
PJ 6950-PJ 6981: ancient South Arabian
PJ 9001-PJ 9101: Ethiopic (Geez)

PJ 9201-PJ 9269: Amharic