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Community Health Engagement: Health Information Literacy Initiatives

This section highlights our goals and initiatives under development in the community to encourage health information literacy. Use the drop-down menu to explore our ongoing initiatives from workshops and health corners in Free Library of Philadelphia branches to community health fairs and programming.

In addition to the health corners, workshops, and spaces, we have a number of other community health outreach projects that are underway or ongoing, as described below.

  1. In April 2018, Aman was the first Penn Libraries staff member to become a Wellness Partner at Penn. Since then, Aman represents the Science Libraries at Wellness Partners & Ambassadors Meetings as well as other wellness-oriented events held at Penn.

  2. In September 2018, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) invited Aman and Richard to serve on the Patient Education Committee (PEC). Both will regularly attend PEC meetings and events at HUP.

  3. In November 2018, the Biotech Commons became the primary meeting location for the Penn STEM Alliance (PSTEMA), a university-wide group coordinated by the SAS Science Outreach Initiative. Aman and Lexi Voss (Visualizationist) are PSTEMA members. Aman also sits on the PSTEMA Outreach Library Task Force.

  4. In January 2019, the Center for Public Health Initiatives (CPHI) appointed Aman to the role of Associate Fellow, which will strengthen the partnership between CPHI and Penn Libraries.

  5. In July 2019, Aman helped brainstorm ways to support the expansion of Sayre Health Center's literacy program for elementary school-age patients.

  6. Aman provides consumer health information to the Office of Government & Community Affairs, who share it with attendees at First Thursday Community Meetings, open meetings that bring together Penn affiliates, West Philadelphia residents, community organizations, government agencies, business leaders, and elected officials at the Free Library of Philadelphia Walnut Street West Branch.

  7. As of 2020, Aman serves an advisor for two registered student organizations: Penn Walks 2 Wellness (a student organization that recruit student volunteers to support the Weekly Themed Wellness Walks) and EduCare (a health literacy-focused student organization that creates easy-to-read visual and written health information for local and national healthcare and literacy organizations).

  8. As of 2021, Aman appointed to the board of the Pennsylvania Public Health Association, an organization that provides professional development and networking opportunities to public health students, professionals, and researchers across the state.

  9. The Community Health Engagement Team provides STEM-related materials to the Penn Libraries Community Engagement Program, the department that has partnered with the West Philadelphia Alliance for Children and the Special Libraries Association Philadelphia Chapter to support 20 school libraries at public elementary and high schools in the City of Philadelphia. To donate books, visit