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Exhibitions at Penn Libraries

Small Displays in Departmental Libraries

Small displays at Penn Libraries are small scale exhibits that don't typically require many resources. They are limited in scope to a few objects and one or two display cases; perhaps a portion of a wall if the items are framed. They can be permanent or semi-permanent and are typically found in some departmental libraries. Text panels and labels for small displays can be produced "in-house" or sent out for print. These limited displays are useful for smaller spaces and meant to bypass the larger, interpretive exhibition workflow. The Executive Committee will determine whether or not your project can skip the workflow procedure. You are still required to submit a proposal form, found here. Before you jump into a small display project, check in with the Exhibits department to ensure there aren't any special considerations to be made.

Why does it need to go through this process?

Displaying things semi-permanently or permanently is physically stressful and exposes items to long-term risks and permanent physical changes, like fading and preferential openings. Depending on what you want to include in the exhibit, collection items may still need a condition assessment and/or treatment by Conservation. After your idea gets the green light, feel free to use the guidelines you find on this page to help craft your display.

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