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Exhibitions at Penn Libraries

This section contains three workflow charts that may be useful as you as you go through the exhibition design and development process. While every project has its own unique challenges, the workflows articulate the sequence of events necessary to ensure the smooth launch of your Penn Libraries exhibition.

In-person Exhibition Workflow, accessible here, shows how in-person exhibitions are planned and implemented. The process consists of three phases: Executive Committee, Planning, and Implementation. After you craft your proposal, it will be sent to the executive committee for review. If approved*, you will work with the planning team to begin crafting content, choosing design elements, and prepare for conservation review. After the conservation review, content and design will be solidified. After a final review of these elements, you will move into the final phase: implementation. In this phase, we will prepare for implementation of exhibit components by producing and proofing graphics (ex: text panels, artifact labels), installing exhibit furniture, and preparing the space for artifact and mount installation by the conservation team. The project culminates in the exhibit opening, and ends after analysis and a post-production workflow not noted here. If you'd like an expanded, in-depth look at the In-Person Exhibition Workflow process, click here.

*Even if your proposal is not accepted when initially submitted, the Executive Committee will provide feedback to enhance your proposal so you may resubmit at any time.

There are two Digital Exhibit Workflows. You may wish to have an online exhibition to go along with the in-person exhibition you've proposed. If so, you'll follow this guide along with the In-person Exhibition Workflow mentioned in the above paragraph. If you are only interested in creating an online-only exhibit with no physical presence, you will follow this guide.

Pop-Up Events and small displays also fall within the parameters of the exhibition program. If you are in need of guidelines for those, look here.

If you are not sure if your project qualifies as an exhibit, pop-up event, or an artifact loan, consult the chart below.


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